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2008 Edge

Overall rating:  Product Rating: 4.5

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50k miles and 3 years Rolling along

by feltonw:      Jun 3, 2010 - Updated Mar 26, 2011

Product Rating: 4.0 Recommended: Yes 

Pros: Great front seats! Smooth ride, great handling, great power, ok fuel economy 
Cons: Torque steer.  TSBs on cam-phasers. Fit/finish/color matching of interior panels.  No running day lights. 
The Bottom Line: 

Great deal for my dollar.  Get a base model. Get the extended warranty when you get close to 36k miles.  I look forward to driving it every day.

I bought my Edge new in May 2008 after test drivng a new Escape.    I commute 90 minutes per day and needed a good solid daily driver. It is now June 2010 and has 34k miles.

In my price range ($19k-22k) I basically had the choice of a base model Edge or "nicely equipt" Escape.

The seats in the Edge are what did it for me.  They are way better than the Escape seats.  They are like a memory foam mattress, a little warm, but very comfy.  Great for a long commute or longer road trips. 

New after the drive home:
The fit and finish is nothing like a Lexus.  There is some slight mismatch in body panels.  I had the half-round strips on the exterior at the bottom on the windows replaced on warranty after driving it home and noticing slight dimples/dents on them.  It appeared they were damaged on assembly.  The interior panels are not the same color, especially on the dash.  The variations of gray bug me.  Lexus panels all match.  The back hatch door had a peice of plastic trim that rubbed and screeched loudly when opening the door.  The dealer just trimmed of some of the trim.
After 34k miles:
At about 15k miles the engine light came on.  The error code was "cam phaser over-retarded".    The code went off after reading it and we could not get it to come back on when we got to the dealer.
At 29k miles the error code came back.  This time I drove it to the dealer and let them decode it.  Roughly a week later I got it back with a new cam phaser on one side.  The bill read $1890 but it was all under warranty.  I did research on this issue and the 2007 model had a much higher rate of cam phaser failure than the 2008 model.  It appears that failure on the 2009 model is rare (or they just need more mileage to fail).  The cam phaser is what allows the good mileage and good power by adjusting the cam.  This is a very disappointing development though.  The extended warranty to cover this cam phaser deal until 100k miles will cost me another $2200.  ***Update at 3 years and 50k milesI still love driving this car. The only car I liked driving as much as this was a Volkswagen hot hatchback I had in the 80's.  It corners well, brakes well and has never let me down on the few heart pounding extreme maneuvering in Texas traffic.  The only time it is a handful is on very hard acceleration which you should not do...it is dangerous and wasteful...but still a real kick. Spring Break 2011I just took this car on a 9 hour drive to Corpus with my very pregnant wife and 8 y/o child and regularly go to grandmas 6 hours away.  This is what it was built to do it seems.  It is very roomy, has many electrical ports for various entertainment and the back seats recline. 
The seats are almost too comfortable, very relaxing.  The ride is very smooth, handling is great, power is great, fuel economy is ok considering the power.  I did get 24 mpg once on a 400 mile trip.  In mixed driving expect 20-21 mpg.

Torque steer under moderate acceleration - Hold on tight to the steering wheel!  Somewhat stiff steering (probably on purpose to relieve some torque steer).  Technical service bulletins on the cam phasers ($ covered by warranty for the first 36k miles but will cost $1700-1900 after that).   Fit and finish and color matching of interior panels not great.  No running day lights.  Traffic lights are not LED (I had to replaced a burnt rear bulb already and noticed the bulbs are similar to those on my '92 Taurus I traded in 15 years ago). 

Amount Paid (US$): 19,900
Condition: New
Model Year: 2008
Model and Options: S
Product Rating: 4.0
Recommended: Yes 
Build Quality  
Seat Comfort:  

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