221B Baker Street

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Want to solve a mystery? 221B Baker Street

Jan 29, 2001 (Updated Jan 29, 2001)
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Pros:fun, encourages problem solving

Cons:needs a better way to look at clues

The Bottom Line: If you like solving mysteries, I would highly recommend 221B Baker Street.

Looking for a true detective game? Do you like Sherlock Holmes? If you have answered yes to either of these questions, you need to run out and get the game 221B Baker Street. My son is at that age that heís into spying, finding clues and solving mysteries. He enjoys making up his own mysteries around the house- like who ate the last cookie.

My family loves playing games. When I came across 221B Baker Street, I thought it looked like a game my son would enjoy. Itís similar to Clue but a lot better. Clue is a game of elimination, 221B Baker Street actually gives you clues, to solve a mystery.

Out of the box the game comes with a game board which is a map around Scotland Yard and 221B Baker Street, die, six pawns, eight Scotland yard cards, eight skeleton key cards, twenty case cards, clue booklet, answer booklet and solution checklist.

Before starting a game, a new case will be read from the casebook. There are twenty cases to choose from. You will need to answer the following questions to solve the mystery. You will need to determine who the killer is, what was the motive and with what weapon did they use.

To play the game, you start by placing your pawns at 221B Baker Street. By rolling the die, you will move your player around the game board to different areas. Some locations offer a clue in the instruction book, others do not. Some of the clues are straightforward and others need more clues for you to understand them. You must look up the clues in the instruction book, so you want to play this game with others that you trust are not cheaters. Itís unfair to check out the other evidence before hand.

Once you think you have the mystery solved, you move your pawn back to 221B Baker Street and make your announcement. The first player to solve the case wins.

221B Baker Street is recommended for children twelve and older and can be played with up to six players. You can play individually or in teams. This game encourages strategy and problem solving.

The one thing I would change about this game is how you get the clues. It is just too tempting to look at the book for your clue and not want to glance at the other clues. There must be a better way to do this.

Another great aspect of this game, you will never run out of cases. New casebooks are published periodically to keep the game fresh for years.

We play this game in teams. My son is nine and has trouble if we play this individually. The clues are too hard for a nine year old child. If buying this game for a child, I would stick with the recommendations of the company and purchase for a child over the age of twelve. In a team atmosphere, my son loves this game. He gets so excited and loves to be able to help to solve the mystery. This is one game, he begs to play over and over.

Please note: The game I have doesnít look like the one epinions.com has pictured. I bought ours from etoys.com about a year ago and have the game that is pictured on their site. I did some research and also found the game at kbkids.com. The game pictured at kbkids.com is the one that is pictured on epinions. With reading the description, it looks as if they are the same game. They both have the same name, so I would assume they are the same but one is an updated version. With the one epinions has pictured it looks like they updated the game board and use different pawns but the concept is still the same.

My son and I enjoy playing 221B Baker Street. It has brought many hours of fun time to our family game night. We have also played this at our adult game night. If you like solving mysteries, I would highly recommend 221B Baker Street. It's elementary Watson, purchase this game.

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Amount Paid (US$): 19.99
Type of Toy: Game
Age Range of Child: Whole Family

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