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24 - Season 2 (DVD, 2009, 7-Disc Set)

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Jack's Back

Nov 5, 2005 (Updated Dec 4, 2007)
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Pros:Better storyline and great use of returning characters.

Cons:Kim's storyline gets silly in the second half, Kate's makes little sense in the first.

The Bottom Line: Fans of season one have nothing to fear, and this will hook new fans of the show.

I enjoyed season one of this inventive show. When I found out it had been picked up for another season, the only question left in my mind was "Will they be able to match the first season?" When this season started, I had my answer. They surpassed it with flying colors.

Season two picks up a year and a half after season one. Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) is estranged from his daughter Kim (Elisha Cuthbert), who has moved out and is working as a nanny. Jack has also quite his job at the Los Angeles branch of the Counter Terrorism Unit (CTU). That doesn't matter to now President David Palmer (Dennis Haysbert). When the President gets news that there is a nuclear bomb in Los Angeles, he calls Jack to personally ask him to help prevent the disaster. Reluctantly, Jack agrees to go back to work for CTU to find the bomb before it goes off. But first, he calls Kim and warns her to get out of LA in case he can't find it in time. Meanwhile, Kate Warne (Sarah Wynter) is busy getting ready for her sister's wedding. But something about the groom to be doesn't feel right to her.

One idea discussed at the end of season one was going to more self-contained stories. Fortunately, the producers decided to keep their one day per season real time. I have seem some argue that the real time format isn't followed as closely this season, but if so, I found no evidence of it.

This show builds on the returning characters from season one and even manages to bring back villainesses Sherry Palmer (Penny Johnson Jerald) and Nina Myers (Sarah Clarke) in believable ways. The story is mostly self-contained, so you could jump in here is you wanted to, but watching season one will help explain all the relationships and increase your enjoyment of the show. The new characters help build the story of season two, although the Kate sub-plot seems out of place until at least a third of the way through the season when you begin to understand how it fits with everything else. Kim's sub-plot of trying to leave LA starts out believable, but grows increasingly ludicrous as the day goes by. The main storyline, however, moves quickly with lots of twists and turns. Each episode ends with a cliffhanger that will make you want to keep watching.

After the success of season one and the DVD release of that season, the producers had more time to plan this DVD set, and it shows. The twenty-four episodes are preserved on six discs. Each episode is shown in sharp wide screen and presented in surround sound. Removing my complaint from season one, the "Previously on 24" recap is included, although you can skip over it if you so desire. Chapter breaks and a play all feature are also included on these discs. Each disc includes one audio commentary with a member of the cast and crew as well as deleted scenes from the episodes.

If that's not enough to make you happy, check out the seventh disc. It includes all 44 deleted scenes in one place with optional commentary. In additional, there are two featurettes on the production and post-production of the show. A third featurette goes into behind the scenes detail on the bombing of CTU from early in the season.

Not only did the producers step up the plate with a better over all second season, but the DVD set is better as well. A few minor sub-plot complaints can't hamper the enjoyment of the thriller that is 24 season two.

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