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Nov 17, 2008 (Updated Nov 17, 2008)
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Pros:It is durable and helps in a variety of projects or endevours! 

Cons:You can't use it to hang something really heavy.

The Bottom Line: Scotch Painters Tape aids in a variety of projects and is very durable and dependable.

Sometimes we find certain products that are marketed for specialized reasons, but come in handy in a variety of other tasks.  “Scotch Blue Painters Tape” is one of these products.  I have been delighted to find that it aids in a variety of tasks.

Aids in Painting
                This one should seem obvious.  When my family was painting the living room last year the painters tape was invaluable.  We could paint the crown molding that went around the edge of our living room a different color than the rest of the wall without messing up the already painted wall.  It isn’t only used for painting walls or remodeling.  My roommate uses it for her oil painting class.    

Doesn’t Peel the Paint
                This tape is gentle and does not peel the tape of the wall, whereas masking tape or duct tape does…   That was one of the mistakes I made as a small child.  {Needless to say my parents weren’t very happy.}  I have even used it on book covers without it ripping the paper or damaging the book in any way.

Sticks well
                Although the “Scotch Painters Tape” is gentle on paint it still sticks well.  My roommates and I have used it to hang things on our walls.  It doesn’t ruin the painting job, but it keeps whatever is being hung up nicely attached.  (Although it is not advisable to hang up book shelfs with this stuff... not happy.  Don't worry, it wasn't me, my roommate is not the most brilliant chemistry majors I know.)

                I’m sure everyone has tried to peel of that really wimpy tape.-  You know, the type that brakes and rips so you can only pull of about a quarter of an inch at a time.  This painters tape will peel off in one piece.  Which is very convenient, being that you don’t want little pieces of tape all over your freshly painted wall?       

Comes in variety of colors
                Although the color that is being advertised is blue it comes in a variety of colors.  So, it totally works for labeling, or sometimes even cute decorative tape for labeling.  It comes in hot pink, green, blue, purple and bright orange.  It is so cool!

Comes in a variety of Sizes
                Because you sometimes need different sizes of tape to accomplish some painting jobs Scotch also sales a variety of tape in different sizes.  It goes from around ½ an inch thick too around 2 inches thick.

                I am in college, and I can’t be spending a lot of money.  The internet site advertises painters tape for about 15 dollars, but I found it for around 5 bucks at Home Depot.  Definitely not too bad.

“Scotch Painters Tape” is definitely useful in a variety of ways and is a needed commodity for a variety of projects.  

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