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3M Star Shaped Pad 225 Sheets Yellow Canary Marigold

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3M STAR Shaped Post-It Notes

Mar 30, 2008 (Updated Mar 30, 2008)
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Pros:Thirty Two thumbs up from Osage County First Grade

Cons:none noted

The Bottom Line: My First Graders love to receive stars, and these 3M Star Shaped Pad Yellow, Canary, & Marigold are huge.

I like Post-It Notes.

I use a lot of them whether in the trademark yellow 3X 3 square, or in the growing variety of colors and die cut shapes. Post it® Super Sticky Notes Die Cut Pads, Star Shaped, 3 x 3, 225 Sheets/Pad are some of the most popular ones I use in the classroom. Very Popular that is with the kids. My First Graders love to receive stars, and these 3M Star Shaped Pad 225 Sheets to the pad in Yellow, Canary, & Marigold are huge.

The ones shown on the Epinions site are presented in three shades of yellow: Marigold, Canary, and Yellow. I buy them at Wal Mart when they are available and have found them offered in the three yellow shades, as well as in Neon Green, Neon Orange and Ultra Yellow.

I have not yet seen the packet that includes Fuchsia, - I found those on the internet. Hope to locate them in person at local shops in the future. The pks of die cut stars are not always available at Wal Mart. They are offered on several online sites if you would like some and cannot find in your local shops.

The online blurb found where the Post-It Notes are listed reads, -Brighten someone’s day with these fun notes. The die cut stars do just that whether adding a special touch to self reminders and messages, or as rewards for little people who earn stars or other incentives for excellence in work habits, got the correct answer, or just because you are you.

The small pads include three different colored sheets shaped like stars. I generally use the ones with colors including yellow, canary, and marigold. Those are star colors.

Whenever I bring out the pad of stars the kids’ faces brighten considerably.

Ah the omnipresent post it note.

No longer are they simply small pieces of yellow paper with a tad of re postable adhesive. Today, Post its are manufactured in myriad sizes, die cut shapes and colors.

Before the Post-Its came into being, how were we able to get along without them? Today the all-pervading bits of paper flap in cubes all across the nation where they almost cover computer monitors at times, Post-Its adorn text books and in many classrooms, mine included they are used for everything from letting the cafeteria know how many are absent and how many brought a sack lunch to gracing the birthday crown of an excited, newly seven year old, or the chest of a little person who has just learned to tie their own shoe laces, or You get the picture.

I find uses for Post-it notes in the classroom continues to increase. It certainly does in mine.

During our work time on the rug Post-it notes are an important tool. First graders listen, work like troopers and eye the pad of Stars knowing that they will receive one for their pinning board at the end of the work period if their clothes pin attention marker remains in an upright position.

Teachers must be at least 9/10 hambone.

I clutch my heart and nearly sob as I, without uttering a word, must lay one of the pins on the table top next to the stars. The wriggling culprit immediately becomes repentant. Within moments small child is again the picture of attentive concentration. As are four others who were thinking of wriggling.

I believe in second chances and am delighted when I can, with a silent cheer, replace the pin upright. Not much must be said about behavior during instruction time as little folks keep an eye on themselves, their attention to the lesson and their pin.

Phonics lessons concerning the tricky vowel R combination are made easier as children receive a star, write ar, and we burst into song as we write.

Oh, you take a -b- thats b and an -ar- R, put them all together and they spell bar, that’s bar.
You take a -b- that’s b and -ar- R put them all together and they spell bar.
Add an n, and its _____
children chime barn,

and we move right on to letter/sound c, d, etc. Any word we create that -isn’t a REAL word we X and repeat,

-not a real word, but we can sound it-.

Time consuming, yes. Noisy, at times. Effective, you bet.

One of the children’s books I have received in the past for reviewing concerns a little star. I read the book, we discuss, each child receives a star and off they go to BEAT THE TIMER.

The star is quickly affixed to their writing paper, features are drawn, and little pencils fly as 16 First Graders get their 3 or 4 sentence story written -in best handwriting.

Concentration is complete, kids may talk and work with those children at their own table, I hear quiet voices reminding one another, -we have to use a capital letter-, or -did you put an end mark-?

Children hurry back to the rug, reading book in hand, story paper carefully placed between last page of the book and the cover and read until the timer sounds.

Mrs. M. checks each story as anxious First Grader stands ready to add a period, or respell a word. A star placed on the story paper from my -special- star hole punch and the story is ready to hang out in the hall where -the whole world can see it.

Osage County First Graders have little concept just how many constitutes the whole world.

The Post-it Notes line, manufactured by 3M is the result of work originated by Arthur Fry and Dr. Spencer Silver. The innovative rationale behind the notes was that the Notes would be used as a temporary attachment to documents, report and book pages, for communication between co workers, and the like. From that modest beginning we now find Post It Pads offered in about as many sizes, colors, shapes as the imagination can engender.

The most common size of Post-it notes remains the 3-in (7.5-cm) square, in the original, trademark canary yellow color. Europe.

From a slow beginning in the 3M company to world wide acceptance Post-it notes have gained a place in the classroom, home office and workaday office, cubicle.

Gone are the days of paperclip book marks, envelopes, scraps of paper falling from our books all supposedly help mark our place in textbooks, teacher manuals or other works. Gone are the days of lost scraps of paper with important messages en-scribed.

Thirty two thumbs up from Osage County First Grade.

Happy to recommend.

Technical/Shipping Details from the Amazon site: Star-Shaped Notes
Neon Orange, Ultra Yellow, Neon Green
225 Sheets per Pad
Sold As: Pad
Shipping Weight: 5.6 ounces
ASIN: B000J09DN6

Product Description
Post-it® Super Sticky Notes Die-Cut Pads Brighten someone's day with fun, diecut 3 x 3 shaped notes. Each 225-sheet note pad features three colors. Star-Shaped Notes
Neon Orange, Fireball Fuchsia, Neon Green
225 Sheets per Pad

Found online: Office world
$4.29 Brighten up your day & write your notes & ideas down on something new & exciting. These die-cut note pads feature three colors in one pad. 225 sheets per pad. Paper Color (s): Neon Green; Neon Orange, Ultra yellow

I don't find any of these Post its online in the shades of yellow as in the picture on Epinions site, those I find at Wal Mart

3 M Headquarters Maplewood, Minnesota, USA
3M Product Information Center_3M Center
Building 42-06-E-37
St. Paul, MN 55144-1000 U.S.A.

Reviewed by Molly’s Reviews
molly martin

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