3M Tabletop Easel Pad Super Sticky 20 Sheets 20"x23" White (87591) Reviews

3M Tabletop Easel Pad Super Sticky 20 Sheets 20"x23" White (87591)

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3M Tabletop Easel Pad

Mar 11, 2008
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Pros:Portability makes the 3M Tabletop Easel Pad perfect for small group work


The Bottom Line: the 3M Tabletop Size Easel Pad converts without problem to a self-supporting form with fold-out presentation stand as part of the pad.

Today I wonder how I ever got along with them.

3M Tabletop Easel Pad Super Sticky 20 Sheets 20"x23" White immediately and effortlessly convert for tabletop, or on the rug, presentations with small groups of eager, bright eyed First Graders. Gone are the day of lugging the large, unwieldy ‘chart rack’ to our rug and then myself either standing to write, or leaning precariously as I sit at child level to write upon the chart paper.

Teaching is more effective when done at child level than it is as I, short as I am, tower over the seated kids, or write with less than perfect handwriting on the chart pages. I do use the old chart rack for pre-made (by me) charts that the children use for Learning Station work.

My 3M Tabletop Easel Pad is the one I use when I am writing a chart to keep for future use WITH the children. Portability makes the 3M Tabletop Easel Pad Super Sticky perfect for small group work as the kids and I are sitting on the rug and we are -talking- what I am writing.

Sheets used in the pads will stick to practically any surface and can be removed without problems, sticky residue or harm to the chalkboard or other surface if that is where they are placed. I particularly like the quality of paper used for the 3M Easel Pads. Bleed through is a major problem when using many of the ‘chart rack tablets.’ 3M Tabletop Easel Pads resists bleed through.

Of special usefulness to me, a classroom teacher of young students: the 3M Tabletop Size Easel Pad converts without problem to a self-supporting form with fold-out presentation stand as part of the pad. Yes! No more leaning my writing surface against anything, needing a child to hold the pad upright so that I can write, or trying to juggle pad, pen and my sanity as a group of small children and I are working together on the project.

Should pages necessitate removal from the pad; the strip of repositionable self-adhesive on each sheet is advertised to stick tightly up to 48 hours without damage to most surfaces. I stick the individual pages on cardboard -our working offices- for use in our Learning Stations, it remains in place until I move it, and even though I do not see residue or other adhesive; the cardboard surface is nothing I am concerned about damage or not.

Haven’t seen any residue or damage left behind as I remove the sheets, however, I would not stick the page on a chalkboard indefinitely just in case.

Who might have imagined the tiny yellow sticky post-a-notes developed in 1968, by 3M scientist Dr. Spencer Silver, which relied on his low-tack, reusable adhesive; was one day going to become a wide variety of notes, note papers and office and classroom aids. In 2003, the company came out with Post-it Super Sticky notes, which have a stronger glue that adheres better to vertical and non-smooth -cardboard- surfaces.

3 M Super Sticky Self-Stick Tabletop Easel Pad is produced of top quality paper having a singular coating to thwart marker bleed-through. 3 M Super Sticky Self-Stick Tabletop Easel Pad is simple to use, and converts easily for use as tabletop presentations.

The built-in stand allows use anywhere. I sit on the rug, the easel pad beside me, kids in a cluster and we chatter what I am writing. Depending on the topic and lesson the sheets can be used for Learning Station work, taken to a corner, stuck to the back of a cupboard or work office and copied by a small child later, as well as can be used for follow up reinforcement a day, week, or month later with whole group.

Convenient and movable for small and larger group presentations the sheets can be left on the pad, or removed and will stick on virtually any surface, we use often in our work offices. Some folk might think our offices are large cardboard boxes, however, we know they are work offices. I use the large boxes our cafeteria gets full of ice cream cones, two and a handy roll of tape produces an office just the right size for one or two skinny little kids to use for their office work.

The kids enter an office, and either read the chart with a friend, or to a cuddle buddy and then write the words in their journal for reading with me or a parent volunteer later. The sheets stick fine to the sides of the office, don’t need to be removed, or if they are the cardboard releases the sheet without problem.

The name Post-it is a trademark of 3M. Today 3M manufactures many products correlated to the Post-it note concept. Until the 1990s, when the 3M patent expired, Post-it notes were only produced in the 3M plant in Cynthiana, Kentucky. Even though other companies today produce notes, most of the world's Post-it notes are still made in Cynthiana.

I like knowing that United States workers, living on US soil are a large part of the 3M work force. And, I like having a product that is so helpful to me as a classroom teacher. I can seed that the 3M Tabletop Easel Pad Super Sticky 20 Sheets 20"x23" White would be useful in the office setting as well. Happy to recommend.

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molly martin

DETAILS and Shipping Information from the Amazon Site:
Post-itŪ Self-Stick Table Top Easel Pads -
No easel stand needed. These pads have bleed-through resistant pull off sheets, stick securely to most wall surfaces and remove cleanly.
Size - 20 x 23 inches
Colors – White
Product Description
Post-it Easel Pad. Self-Stick. Tabletop. 20"x23". White. 20 Sheets per Pad.
Product Dimensions: 27.4 x 20.2 x 0.5 inches ; 2.2 pounds
Shipping Weight: 2.5 pounds
UPC: 50021200436333


Available Amazon $16.80

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