3m Scotch Blue Painter's Tape vs. Shurtape Frog Tape

Feb 9, 2013 (Updated Feb 24, 2013)
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Pros:Readily available, rolls on easy, decent but not great paint blocking capability.

Cons:More expensive than Frog Tape, occasionally paint seeps through tape.

The Bottom Line: 3M Scotch Blue Painter's Tape is more expensive than Shurtape Frog Tape, occasionaly allows paint to seep through.  Going to go with the green one from now on.

For years we have almost exclusively used 3m Scotch Blue Original Painter's Tape but we recently decided to try a competing painter's tape.  For the most part, we experienced satisfactory results but not good enough to keep me from trying a different brand.  As I did on my review of Frog Tape Green Pro Painter's Tape With Paint Block, I've decided to review by comparing the two tapes on what I considered three major points.  I’ll start by looking at how both roll on.  Secondly I'll consider the results and paint blocking capability and finally, how the tapes peeled off surfaces.  Lastly I’ll try to compare them on their cost and overall bang for the buck.

Rolling the tape on 

Like I mentioned in my previous review, I could find little difference between either of the tapes as I was applying them on to any surfaces.   Both this tape and the Shurtape option came off the roll without a problem.  I was able to cut or tear off either tape simply without hassle which is kind of important while working up on ladders or in tight spots.  As far as the strength of each tape, I found both very close, especially prior to getting paint on them.  They are equally strong enough to handle without further splitting or tearing.  I also could not distinguish a difference between the two products' adhesive quality.  Sticking to surfaces such as drywall, glass or wood was not a problem in either case.   There are times where I didn't quite set the tape exactly where I meant to so I had to lift and move the tape a bit.  I found both could be lifted and reset without losing their adherent qualities.  While I have had much more experience with this product, I am really equally satisfied when considering how they roll on and stay in place.

Paint blocking qualities and overall results

For the purpose of this review I am only considering the 3m Scotch Blue Original Painter's Tape that we have used for years.  In an answer to the competition, 3M has come with a similar blue tape with EdgeLock which we have not tried yet.  The blue 3M tape with Edgelock appears to be designed as an improvement over this product.  The Frog Tape I am comparing to is designed with a polymer which absorbs and retains more liquid and reacts with any latex, water based, paints along the tape’s edge.  The original blue 3M tape always gave us decent but a far from perfect result.  We were usually left with a fairly distinct line but there were plenty of times where we experienced some bleed through of paint.  After several uses with the Frog Tape, we have witnessed sharper lines and almost no bleed through.  After years of using the Scotch branded blue tape and now several chances to use the green competitor, on this point, we are now convinced that the Frog Tape is the better choice.

Removal of the tape off surfaces

On top of the fact we always experienced some bleed through with this tape, I also found a level of frustration when removing it off the wall, moldings or other surfaces.  With this product, I was constantly finding the tape would tear, leaving a small strip stuck to the newly painted surface.  This usually resulted in extra extra time and hassle to cut the tape away and remove the remaining small pieces.  With our first experience using the Frog Tape, it became quite evident that removing it off the either drywall, wood and glass surfaces was a much simpler and cleaner process.   We found it almost always came off whole without tearing.  Again, I have to admit, the 3M Tape we used for years did not perform quite as well as the green Shurtape choice which saved us a little time and additional work during the removal process. 

Value, pricing and final thoughts

The Shurtape Frog Tape I compare this tape to was recently purchased at a cost of $5.87 in the 60 yd package.  The original Scotch 1.41 in. x 60 yd. blue tape costs just a few cents more at the same retailer.   I am planning on trying the 3M blue tape with Edgelock that might be an improved version of this original option and more comparable to Frog Tape.  Unfortunately the 3M tape with Edgelock is priced at $7.27 per roll… so even if it works as well as the green tape I talk about here, I'll probably no longer be a 3m customer.  When looking at the $5.87 price tag on this tape, you can save a few bucks if you are willing to pick up a multi-pack shown here as we regularly used to do but honestly, I'm not sure I will ever go back to the 3m Scotch Blue Original Painter's Tape.

As I mentioned in my previous review, really dislike the hard plastic packaging of the Shurtape Frog Tape.  Never considered a crazy tree-hugger, I still do like to be a responsible consumer and just found the package wasteful and unnecessary.  I have come to overlook this since we are able to recycle our #5 PP disposed plastic at the curb with our waste disposal company.   Despite this one fact, this tape's somewhat inferior paint blocking capability, higher price and added hassle during the removal process leads me to leave a no more than average 3-Star Epinions rating and an apologetic "No Buy" recommendation on a product I have used for years.

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