Cobra microTALK FRS 115 Two Way Radio Reviews
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Cobra microTALK FRS 115 Two Way Radio

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Cobra Microtalk FRS 115 AM/FM Stereo.

Oct 25, 2001
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Pros:As a collector of FRS radios, I love it! FM Stereo and AM too!

Cons:Your first FRS radios should really have CTCSS subchannels but...

The Bottom Line: It's great! But if you are very serious about strict communications, there are better.

Hey this radio is Red! That, I really like. Why? I don't know. It's my only Red one?

My first pair of FRS were Cobra FRS 110's and they are plain black but otherwise look like the 115. The LCD and the width of the 115's are a bit bigger. The 115 came with stereo headphones and AM/FM broadcast.

Other accessorys can also be used. Mine came with a rechargeable pack and twin drop in charger. You can get a cool looking cop mike or use standard ear buds.

I bought this one for my wife because she likes to walk home from work in the summer and finishes at different times like me. The traffic outside makes it impossible to sit and watch for her if I can get a chance to pick her up. If she walks home while listening to her favorite radio station I can call her on FRS.

You can find out a lot about FRS from some very excellent reviews elsewhere from Epinions.

Anyone that has some money, should get a pair of FRS radios. The more you can afford the better. The range is comparable between all models. A half watt of output power from even the cheapest.

The Cobra FRS 115 is really nice but a little hard to learn. The big draw back is the lack of CTCSS codes but that would make them a lot more difficult to operate. You could get by without them I guess. The Cobra FRS 115 is very special just the way it is and it's RED, man!

FRS radios are addictive for no apparent reason other than they all seem so cute and different.

When you buy more and more radios, you will not be able to use CTCSS subchannels when talking to the inexpensive Cobras. That's not so bad when your Cobras are 115's and not 110's.

The FM music is awesome and you also have AM. This is the only FRS I have that has AM.

The FRS mode can be set to activate in the middle of Led Zepplin when you are being called.

You can also stay up to date on all the new radio commertials! How exciting is that!

Gotta go now, my daughter needs the internet!

Thank you for your time! Take care.

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