Ames 6cuft Pro Wheelbarrow (C6A) Reviews

Ames 6cuft Pro Wheelbarrow (C6A)

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Sep 6, 2011
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Pros:Tub made of steel, holds up well enough.

Cons:Wheel rots after about 2 years, seems cheap.

The Bottom Line: Shop the internet for a good price!

My idea of a great Labor Day Weekend is to get as much as the old summer time stuff packed away as soon as possible to prepare for the autumn season!  I bring in the lawn chairs, umbrellas, garden tables, planters, pool stuff (and if lucky, close the pool!), grass carpeting, bikes, and all of the kiddie toys I find scattered about.  This wheelbarrow is helpful for moving a lot of the stuff.

I purchased my Ames wheelbarrow several years ago at the Home Depot.  It required some minor assembly that took me less than 20 minutes to complete and was easily accomplished without the instruction book.  I remember thinking how flimsy wheelbarrows have become over the years.  The sheet metal used to make the tub portion is rather thin, and the handles are too thin.  The wheel also looked pretty cheap too, although it is made of metal, it is very light weight.  All and all, this is a "home-owner's" wheelbarrow, not really intended for heavy construction use.

Yet, I've had the wheelbarrow for several years now, and I and my helpers have put it to good use.  I primarily use it for planting my bedding plants.  I put in some good topsoil mix in with new plants I purchase each autumn from Lowes.  I then put down landscape fabric and use the wheelbarrow to fetch some river stone from a huge pile I have trucked to my yard.  I place the rocks over the fabric cloth and the results are sensational!  With all of this wheelbarrow use, the tool has held up rather well, except for that cheap wheel - the tire rotted within the first two years and it would not hold air.  I put slime in it, but it still went flat.  I ended up buying a new wheel and tire for $19 at the Home Depot.

Ames is a very popular maker of good quality garden tools.  They have been around for many years and they know a thing or two about their business.  They have multiple grades of tools ranging from very cheap to rather good quality, and the grade is reflected by the price.  This wheelbarrow I would consider to be middle grade - not really contractor material, but good for medium to light use by an average home owner. 

I have used this wheelbarrow for gardening, moving hay, as a tub to collect rain water, moving mulch, collecting toys, gathering firewood, moving tools - and other moving chores.  It never fell apart on me no matter how heavy the load, although it was a bit wobbly when I moved stone with it  a few times.  Most often, the wheelbarrow was just fine and held steady.  It can hold up to 6 cubic feet of stuff or about 200 pounds.

This is not the type of wheelbarrow you would use to mix concrete in, although it could be done.  Nor is it great for moving lots of piles of dirt or stone - it might twist under the weight.

I would recommend this wheelbarrow to people who do light gardening or chores around the house.  Ames tools are sold at many stores, so shop around for the best prices.  If you get it at Home Depot, try to get it using one of their moving coupons to get an extra discount off of the price!  They sell for around $90, but you can get it for cheaper with a coupon.  Thanks for reading my review and best wishes for a nice autumn ahead!


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