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Fiskars 9109 - 5935 Pro Bypass Pruner (046561191092)

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Let's Hear It For Lefty

May 16, 2008 (Updated May 16, 2008)
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Pros:Sharp, Easily Re-Honed, Cutting Capacity, Lefty-Friendly, Fully Enclosed Spring.

Cons:I didn't discover them sooner.

The Bottom Line: If you want a great set of bypass pruners that you can keep for a lifetime--try these. They're even cheaper than some so-called professional models.

So what's the big deal about Pruner's anyway? Well, if you value your rose bush, and or other decorative plants and fauna, it's important to keep them well trimmed. It's also important to use a pruner that maintains a sharp edge so that limbs are "cut" off the bush. Dull edges rip and tear the bush, and can leave jagged edges on the limbs. That's a great way to invite small insects into the plant, and consign it to an early death. Not only do these babies hold a razor sharp edge, but they are durable,and even left-hander friendly.

They feature a patented "Ambidexterous Lock." As Mrs. Bernie is right handed and I am a long lost lefty, always having to re-learn how right handers operate things, it's a real pleasure to find something like this that just makes overall operation a whole lot easier. Believe me, if you're a lefty, or you know one, then you are intimately familiar with the many inconveniences we face in a right hander's world. Us lefties appreciate every little nod to fixing our inconveniences that we can get. There are several other reasons why the serious gardener needs to take a look at these pruners in particular.

The grips are a whole lot more comfortable than the standard issue plastic/rubber wrap on steel. If you have a lot of bushes to prune this is a nice thing to have in order to cut down fatigue. Those with arthritis will definitely appreciate this. The cutting edges are high carbon steel. Believe me, after years in the fish business, I know for a fact that stainless may not rust, but high carbon blades simply hold a better edge. They come out of the factory razor sharp, hold the edge longer, and are quickly and easily re-honed back to that razor sharp finish. As I said, this is as much for your plant's health as it is for the convenience of an easy cut. The blades have a nice teflon coating which also helps prevent rust almost as well as the stainless blades which are not as easily sharpened.

These blades also have a full 5/8" cutting capacity. Now that's really quite good, and it tackles even the largest rose bushes, as well as the vast majority of hand pruned shrubs. We have a rose bush that we saved from a house that was being re-modeled down the street. This monster dates from the 1950's and puts out some pretty hefty limbs. She appreciates sharp edged pruners, and we do want to keep her alive for historical purposes if nothing else. Besides the "Lefty-Friendly Lock" the best feature on these is the "Fully Enclosed Spring." It will never get lost. Between that and the easily re-honed blades you've got a set of pruners that you can keep for life. Seriously--how many times have you had to retire a set when all they really needed was a new spring (because the old one popped off), or just didn't hold an edge anymore, (and it really shredded the limbs on your bushes). These are definitely a 5-Star Value!

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