Fiskars 9109 - 5935 Pro Bypass Pruner (046561191092) Reviews
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Fiskars 9109 - 5935 Pro Bypass Pruner (046561191092)

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Keep Your Rose Bushes Happy And Blooming By Using These.

Dec 14, 2009
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Pros:Cheap and easy to use.


The Bottom Line: Very inexpensive and will give you positve results.

Well if you do not know it by now, wintertime is here and all of your garden bushes and rose bushes are screaming to be trimmed. If you do not have a pair of hand held pruners then let me suggest a pair, this pair from Fiskars can be found at any big box store for right around ten dollars. I really do not think that it matters in this case which name brand that you purchase because they all do the same job. I have used several different types through the years and so far I have found these to fit the best in my hands for comfort ability.

These are a total of 8 to 9 inches in length and only weigh one half of a pound. These have one black blade and silver blade one is Teflon coated and one is hardened steel and when you squeeze them together they have a non-stick coating all over the blade and this will help with the cutting affect of the two blades making a smooth cut. You will not have to worry if these will work if you are left or right handed because I have tried them with both hands and they will do just as good of a job in either hand. These also are an excellent choice because if they ever get dull, bent, or chipped in any way there is a life time warranty on them.

I have been using these for over twenty years and I really should purchase another pair but these are still working sufficiently. Mine came with a little pouch and I always spray them with some kind of lubricant to keep them from rusting over the years. I have used them on my rose bushes and the low hanging branches on all of the trees in our yard. I have used these on branches as thick as one inch in diameter but they are made for 5/8” branches and I have had no problem loping them off. These will also stay in the locked position by simply sliding the little plastic lever forward. The only time that these get uncomfortable to use is when I use them too long. This causes a blister if I use these too long.

If you want to have nice roses next year then I suggest that you use these before the winter gets here. These come in very handy for trimming your Christmas tree.  I have given a pair of these to my father and he is always using these every chance that he gets. These are also very durable and can take a beating, I have dropped these off of my roof and they were still intact when I got down off of the roof to check on them. The blades never even bent or chipped, I think that the Teflon coating helped to protect them.

These come with a lifetime warranty so once you purchase a pair of these you should never have to get any more unless you abuse these on purpose.

I can highly recommend these for any one that has a garden or just needs some thing to trim some roses that you just got from the store. Even if these ever do break these, then you are not out any real money, ten dollars is not a lot of money too spend on a pair of these even if you end up throwing them out. These will even make a good Christmas present for a family member or friends. You can not go wrong with these, they are a five star product.

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