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9MM 147Gr. HP/50

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Give Your 9mm Some Stopping Power: Silvertips from Winchester

Jun 11, 2012
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Pros:Quality, Added 9mm power, Range performance

Cons:Expensive, Hard to find

The Bottom Line: Winchester delivers a winner with this round of 9mm bullets.

147 grains in 9mm caliber? Is this so? Yes, if you purchase and use Winchester HP 9mm rounds. These brass enclosed bullets, are ideal for self defense purposes, as they do carry more "heft" than traditional 9mm rounds, and you do not want to blast these away at the range, unless you can afford to. These are not for target practice, as there are cheaper loads you can buy, but they are a lot of fun. I have used these in two 9mm firearms, with the predominate one being the Glock 17. This is of course the standard bearer for full sized 9's, but this round will work for any gun of this caliber.

You will notice a slight difference, with this bullet's muzzle energy, while standing down range from your targets. These have 30+ more grains in each cased round, and you are going to feel it. This is not going to make your 9mm into Dirty Harry's rocket, but it is going to add some oomph to your hands while shooting a lot of rounds. Try a traditional 9mm round, then go with this one. You'll feel it then, and these will certainly work much better in self defense situations. Often 9mm's, while lethal, tend to sometimes require an extra round or two. With these, I think that a round in the center mass region, will do what is required if ever put into that position that no one wants to be forced into.

I have put several hundred of these rounds through my pistol, and have had no jams or any other problems. Cleaning wise, it is the same as the other rounds. They are easy to load into your clips, and with the quick pull of the trigger, you can get five to seven good shots in quickly. As for accuracy, these are superb. I've noticed no major difference between these and other Winchester rounds, which I recommend highly, because of quality reasons. Yes there are cheaper brands, but when you are firing rounds out of a $500 firearm, you do not want to use some cheap brand that will tear apart your investment. With these, you can rest assured that your firearm is firing downrange bullets, and extraction has been no problem at all. My gun just eats these, and keeps on firing.

These can be a bit hard to find, but I like them. They are my standard self defense 9mm bullets, and are purchased in boxes of fifty rounds. You can expect to pay $20+, which is a lot more than the $9-$12 than the regular ones. That's why you will be served well using these on occasion, or as a self defense type of round, while using other Winchester and brands 9mm calibers that are more cost effective for range sessions. These rounds are of exceptional quality, and I do not mind paying that premium though. It makes my 9mm firearms a bit more lethal if needed, although I pray that I'll never have to use any of my guns to defend myself or anyone else for that matter.

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