Swingline Heavy Duty Stapler 30 160 Sheet Capacity Gray/Blue (SWI39005) Reviews

Swingline Heavy Duty Stapler 30 160 Sheet Capacity Gray/Blue (SWI39005)

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Swingline 160 Sheet Capacity Stapler (by Acco Brands) - A more than capable stapler.

Dec 21, 2007 (Updated Dec 21, 2007)
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Pros:Heavy durable feel to stapler. Simple to reload staples. Adjustable gauge. Chart included.

Cons:Manual is very short with few pics. Limited warranty is only 45 days from purchase.

The Bottom Line: Handles all jobs (10 or 100 plus pages) efficiently. Staple always has a firm grasp not overly tight or loose. Very solid build quality.

Before we begin, a correction is necessary
Next to the picture shown above are the words "...... 160 Sheet Capacity Gray/Blue". Disregard the gray/blue description, the picture is correct in showing black and gray for the stapler colors. I have no possible idea why gray/blue is listed, absolutely nothing on this stapler has any blue coloring to it.

In today's high-tech world, it seems most products have multiple options. Staplers are no different. They come in many varieties, not just manual or electric.

This stapler has a quality build and feel to it. It easily weighs over 1 pound and is primarily constructed with solid metal and sprinkled with some hard plastic. All metal components are gray or silver colored. All plastic components are black colored.

The hard plastic is located:
1) Where you press down for stapling action (handle)
2) Where you remove/reload staples
3) Very front/very back part of stapler bottom.
4) Lastly where the slideable gauge is located.

The handle is nicely rounded for a comfortable grip. You should experience no discomfort in your palm during usage.

Important notes about the manual & manufacturer’s web site
The included manual is very simple. It is one page folded in half, thus creating four sides with printed text. The text is small and may be difficult for some people to read. A few pictures are included. This manual is not available online via Googling or even visiting the manufacturers (ACCO/Swingline) web site. Product manual is provided with English, Spanish, and French translations. Please read the section below titled "The Manual" for a detailed idea of what information is provided.

For a better picture of this stapler or even just to view the manufacturer's web site to see what I mean regarding the manual not being available online, please visit:
note to reader: this link must be copied and pasted into your browser. It is not clickable, per Epinions policy

Sheet Capacities Explained
This stapler is intended to staple anywhere from 30 sheets to 160 sheets with heavy duty staples per Epinions listed details. Manufacturer (Swingline by Acco) claims it staples up to 160 sheets with Heavy Duty Staples but does not list a minimum, per manual. I say it staples 2 sheets perfectly fine using standard staples although the following is clearly printed on the front of the stapler:
Do not use 1/4 inch standard staples. They will jam this stapler.

I have used standard sized staples multiple times just because of this warning. I had to try it, it was challenging me! It performs perfectly well with standard staples. I may be pushing my luck, but I have never had a jam with standard or heavy duty staples.

The Manual
The manual is a very short 4 pages. It is typed in English, French and Spanish.

---I will reiterate that none of this manual information is available on the internet!---
---------------Manual is very short. I will explain it in detail and quote it----------------

Page 1
The cover includes a picture of the stapler.

Pages 2 & 3
These pages document how to
A) Load the stapler.
B) How to clear the stapler.

Page 4
C) Limited Lifetime Warranty statement & Heavy Duty Staple Sheet Capacities are Explained

--Loading the stapler--
Step 1
Push follow block forward, lift to unhook, then pull follow block mechanism back so that it is disengaged from staple rail
Step 2
Insert staples into staple rail
Step 3
Replace follow block mechanism. Push it forward, lift over curved rail extensions, and lower unit until it locks into place.
Step 4
To adjust paper guide – Hold both sides of guide and push it forward or backward.

--How to clear the heavy duty stapler--
Step 1
Release follow block mechanism so that it is disengaged from staple rail. Remove staples.
Step 2
Hold handle up and push lever in front down to unlock. Pull lower front outward and clear jammed staple.
Step 3
Push front in and upward until it locks into position
Step 4
Re-insert staples and relock follow block mechanism

Limited Lifetime Warranty
ACCO Brands states it will repair or replace this stapler in case of original defects in materials or workmanship of stapler occurring with in 45 days from receipt of purchase.

Heavy Duty Staple Types Accepted per manual / Capacities
This exact chart is listed in the manual and directly on the front of the stapler
1/4 inch or 6.35 mm ==> 2-25 pages of 20lb paper.
3/8 inch or 9.53 mm ==> 25-60 pages of 20lb paper.
1/2 inch or 1.27 cm ==> 60-90 pages of 20lb paper.
3/4 inch or 1.9 cm ==> 90-160 pages of 20lb paper.

This stapler is made in China

Technical Support Phone Number is: 1-800-820-6220

This is one easy to use and well built product. I recommend it to anyone in need of heavy duty stapling. Make sure to use the correct staple for the amount of pages you are stapling. If you were to use the 3/4 inch heavy duty staple to staple 30 pages, you would have two sharp points protruding from your pages because you are using the wrong staple for the job. Sticking to the chart listed above (per manual) will ensure you always do the job right.

Reloading staples is easy and should only take a matter of seconds from start to finish. I very much prefer the push block staple reload system employed by this stapler compared to the standard stapler lift top. Those lift top staplers have easy to break pull mechanisms made of cheap plastic which can’t stand the test of time very well.

When using the correct heavy duty staple, this stapler makes quick work of paper. The more papers you are stapling the harder down force you must use to complete the job. However you need not have a professional athlete’s strength to staple 100 pages. An average 8 year old boy or girl could handle stapling many pages.

Admittedly I have never stapled the maximum of 160 sheets which this stapler can do. But I have stapled over 100 pages and it was easy. Expect a firm grab by staple (not too tight or loose) no matter how many pages you send it’s way (up to 160 sheets of course).

The built-in paper depth gauge is a nice feature. You can staple pages anywhere up to 2 inches or 70 centimeters back from edge of work.
Gauge is located in the middle of the stapler.
Increments are as follows:
Inches listed on left side of gauge: 3/8, 3/4, 1 3/16, 1 1/2, 2, 2 3/16, & 2 3/4
Centimeters listed on right side of gauge: 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, & 70

Handle is comfortable to grip and stapler is well balanced. I’ve owned this stapler for 2 years now and have not once had a jam or any other problems.

Important Note Regarding Price of Stapler
This exact stapler is ridiculously overpriced at $74.65 MSRP on Acco/Swingline’s website. If you have not already checked out the link I posted to manufacturer website above, please do in order to see what I mean about the price.

I purchased this stapler for $35 pre-tax at a Staples Office Store in NJ.
Epinions offers an even cheaper deal than $35, just click on “Compare Prices” near the top of this webpage.

Why 4 out of 5 star rating?
The build quality is excellent. I’ve never had a jam. Built-in paper gauge is great. Chart on stapler is great. Ease of use and reloading of staples is great.

--- HOWEVER ---

Limited warranty is weak at only 45 days (as stated above in review)
Manual has small print and few pictures.
Manufacturer website does not even have the manual available for download.

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