One really great headset with a really awful manual

Dec 15, 2009 (Updated Jan 2, 2010)
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Pros:Wonderful sound and comfort and resistance to electronic noise

Cons:The manual is really bad.

Charging cord much too short.

No power low indication.

The Bottom Line: This is a GREAT headset that I highly recommend except for the short power cord, terrible manual, and lack of low power indication.

This is the third wireless headset I have owned. The first two were from an unknown manufacturer and Microsoft, respectively. Thus, I have some (unhappy) experiences with wireless headsets.

The audio (both on the mic and on the earphones) quality in terms of clarity is within 1% of a good wired headset.  It is just plain amazing.  Things get fuzzy at about 12 meters.

Having said that, the manual for this amazing device sucks big time.  The indicator lights don't match up with what the manual says.  It takes a couple of weeks of futzing to try to figure out (by guess and by gosh) how to really use this thing.  But once you do ... wow.

The headset is amazingly comfortable.  Battery life is about two or three hours (don't believe the 8 advertised) and charge time is about 3.5 hours.  I may have a defective battery.

Do not expect any technical support from Asus.  They know nothing about this device.

The device does have a mute setting.  Press the on/off button for about a second and it will mute.  Press the on/off button for 3 seconds and it will turn off.  Press the on/off button when it is off for less than 0.3 seconds and it will turn on.

Note that volume control is done by SOFTWARE.  That is, adjusting the volume control on the headset will adjust Windows master volume.  You can actually watch the volume mixer control go up and down on your screen as you adjust the volume at the headset. You will likely turn down Windows volume so low that when you go back to external speakers you may hear nothing.  It's an annoyance (and never mentioned in the manual) ... but an annoyance that I can easily live with.

Thus, I routinely use this device with Skype, lie on my bed which is about 5 meters away, and talk.  Audio quality is just plain awesome.  I can easily adjust the volume as I lie in bed by pressing the up and down volume control on the headset.  It takes a little practice to know where the buttons are but learning isn't bad.

The headset is packed with undocumented features. See the software volume control, above, for one example.

You can use the headset when it is charging.  Sadly, the cord is much too short to be really useful.

When the battery power runs out the headset simply shuts down with no indication that the shutdown is about to happen.

The headset folds and can be placed in the included carrying case.

The battery does not seem to be user-accessible.  I rue the day I have to open this thing up and attempt to replace the battery.  I hope Asus has a replacement for this by then.

Sadly ... it looks like the manufacturer is not making any more of these (I think).  If you find one, grab it.  If I had the money, I'd buy another one of these.

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Update:  Sometimes sells these for about $30 ($50 with $20 mail-in rebate.)

I bought a second one.

The manual is still the same ... nearly worthless.

The charge time and play time are still the same.  Perhaps is selling versions of this with a bad battery which explains the rebate price?

Ok, now that I own two, I have learned more.

First, the USB dongle seems to be keyed to the headset.  So you may want to mark which dongle goes with which headset if you buy more than one.

There seems to be a bug in the software on both headsets.  Sometimes pressing the up/down volume on the headset has no affect. The work-around is to move the volume slider in Windows.  Once you do that, the controls respond again.  Weird.

The second headset is, if anything, even more resistant to electronic noise than the first.  I am _really_ impressed.

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