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I hope you aren't a swinger

Apr 14, 2005
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Pros:It is small and folds.

Cons:Dangerous and uncomfortable.

The Bottom Line: Stay away from this accident waiting to happen. It is tempting for a low price to get this but save your money for something else.

I was asked via e-mail what I thought about the Ab Swing. I have a friend who owns a studio just for personal trainers to take their clients for workouts. I didn‘t ask her what she thought of this machine until I was confident in my assessment. Before I had a chance to ask her “what were you thinking‘? she gave me her thoughts which concurred with mine.

What is the Ab Swing:

When I first saw it I was a bit apprehensive. For those of you who know what a Donkey Calf machine is my assumption was it was similar to that. I was also hopeful that perhaps it was a bit like a Roman Chair or a hanging leg raise machine, which allows leg lifts or raises to be done really effectively.

What I saw and felt was an oval pad attached to an a-frame like structure. There are some positives and negatives to the Ab Swing.


~The pad is nice and thick so it is comfortable to lean on.

~The machine adjusts in length so your height should not be a problem.

~The prices vary enormously online. If you search and want this you can perhaps get it for as low as $30.

~The concept seems to have potential. In fact at the gym I go to we have a machine that is somewhat like the Ab Swing (emphasis on somewhat) in that in a raised position the lower part of the machine raises as you lift your legs emphasizing the lower part of your abdominal muscles. It is called a V Crunch. I believe that is what the Ab Swing was after.

~It is light, small and can be folded almost flat. Ab Swing weighs a little over 21 pounds and measures 32 inches by 6 inches by 23 inches. The recommended weight is 250 pounds however the literature goes on to say that it can hold up to 350 pounds.

~No assembly is required.


~It is too light. Although the frame is made of steel the base of it is flimsy. I felt as if I could tip over fairly easily.

~Many people are going to find the design of the Ab Swing really uncomfortable.

~There is no back or neck support.

~Regarding the weight limit of 250 to 350 pounds, these are my thoughts. Since safety is my prime concern with clients there is no way I would allow a client to use this if she or he exceeds the recommended weight. I really cannot even believe that this statement is posted on one of the many websites I checked out for prices.

~I want to caution people if they are going to buy the Ab Swing to be careful where it comes from. I called a couple of sites for prices. (My friend paid in the $80 range.) One told me the product was out of stock and he did not know anything about the Ab Swing anyway. One number had been disconnected and one number had no one in customer service.

How it works:

This is one of those products that I encounter and am not sure how to get on it. The key is that I put my back against the pad first. Once in this position I grabbed on to the handles. There is one on each side of the pad. I saw a foot rest and at first assumed I would be standing on it. That is not the case. Rather I put my feet inside the foot rest so that my feet are being held by the foot rest. The foot rest is not uncomfortable. It hooks around and is not totally enclosed. I am now off the ground essentially being held up by holding on to the arms and having my feet secure.

If you use a Roman Chair you know there is no foot rest. The Ab Swing gives us that additional support. Many people cannot even do one leg raise on the Roman Chair because it requires holding up your weight with your arms on handles. You should be able to do leg raises on the Ab Swing.

The Ab Swing works on resistance in a non conventional way. Sitting in different positions will determine the resistance. In actuality you do not need resistance on an abdominal machine. But in case you do you will get a bit of resistance by wiggling around. Truly it was awkward.

Now onto working my abdominal muscles. I moved my legs up doing essentially a reverse crunch. I felt my abdominal muscles working. I could bend my torso while lifting my legs in the jackknife or double crunch position. With a bit of wiggling I could turn so that I could work my obliques (sides of the mid section of my body). I found working my obliques the least effective and the most awkward.

It should come with a video, a user guide and of course the most important is the 14 Day Meal Plan which will help your abs more than this machine. There may be various other options depending on where you buy it.

There is a manufacturer three year Ab Swing warranty from DCD, Inc. Considering the response I got at customer service at various places I would not hold my breath waiting for someone to fix this machine. However in all fairness I do not think I called DCD. (Whoever they are!)

Jo, Your Personal Trainer‘s Final Thoughts:

I realize I have one more positive than negative. In spite of that I think this is one of the worst abdominal machines I have seen. I think it can be dangerous and I would be shocked if you were not very uncomfortable. I cannot even recommend it for the low price of $30.

Not only can‘t I recommend this I am going to recommend avoiding it.

Please feel free to leave me a question or comment.

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