Abreva 080155 Docosanol .7 oz (30766080100) Reviews

Abreva 080155 Docosanol .7 oz (30766080100)

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Abreva is the best cream out there

Mar 24, 2010 (Updated Mar 24, 2010)
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Pros:-Speeds healing -Reduces pain


The Bottom Line: Abreva works as well as it says it does.

I have been plagued by cold sores since the 8th grade. Although i only get about 1 flare-up per year, the outbreak is usually pretty severe and lasts about 7-10 days. The blisters run halfway to my nose and 1/4 of my upper lip is usually swollen and painful. I'm embarrassed to be seen with the sores, particularly because I'm in the Health care profession. I know that the most important time to intervene is during the initial tingling, swelling stage. I talked to my primary care physician and got an antiviral prescription used to treat HSV-1. I also purchased a small tube of abreva from my local drugstore. I had a terrible night's sleep on Monday and was tossing and turning (stress at work and personal life). Sure enough, i woke up to the familiar tingling and the swelling sore on my upper lip. I immediately placed abreva on the sore and took 3 pills of my antiviral medication. I brought the tube of abreva to work with me and placed it on the sore a few times during the day with a qtip (try not to touch it with your bare fingers!) By the end of the day the sore had not gotten any larger, there were no new vesicles, and the pain had subsided somewhat. On the second day, although i could tell the blister was there, most people i talked to barely noticed it (unlike previous flare-ups!) Today is Wednesday and the sore is on its way to disappearing. It's starting to ooze a little bit (you know that stage), but it's manageable and i have zero pain. It's still a nuisance as i know i cannot kiss my boyfriend for at least another 5-7 days, but at least it's not embarrassing or painful! To the company that makes abreva- you've really done a great job with this product BUT can you please use some of that $17-$20 that i spent on the tiny tube of cream and create a vaccine!!!

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