Acco MEGACLIP 4" Gold-Finish Paper Clips 5 Clips per Pack Reviews

Acco MEGACLIP 4" Gold-Finish Paper Clips 5 Clips per Pack

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Super Size Your Paper Clips With Acco’s MegaClip!

Jul 28, 2005
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Pros:Nice appearance, holds the glossy sheen over time, accommodates up to fifty sheets of paper.

Cons:People love to steal them.

The Bottom Line: Sometimes four inches is enough to get the job done [get your minds out of the gutter!]!

Most of the time I can get by using vinyl coated paper clips to keep papers and note cards organized but when I have a huge stack I have to break out the industrial paper clips or the bulldog clamps. While I love using the bulldog clamps for large stacks they are something that the kids think are toys and they often disappear only to be found holding various Lego figures captive within a scene or used for some weird science project they are working on. Once they get a hold of them they are pretty much ruined so I have to hide them and hide them well. These aren’t the largest paper clips on the market but for the price they are well worth it if you want to keep a large stack of papers in order or need something on hand to clip things together. These aren’t exactly the easiest things to find locally so if you are planning on buying these you may have to order them online.

Acco MegaClip 4 Inch Gold Finish Paper Clips

Packaged in a set of five, these are very nice looking oversized paper clips that can hold about fifty sheets of paper. If you have thicker sheets then you might not be able to slide fifty into this without warping - the same thing goes if you are only using a few sheets of paper. If you only need to work with about ten or fifteen sheets there is a good chance that the clip will warp the pages if left on them for a long period of time. These are pretty strong and will hold anything in place but you have to slip them on carefully so you don’t rip pages or pieces of paper. I use these for notecards too, they are a great way to keep things divided in my recipe box and the boys use them from time to time to keep their larger sized index cards organized.

These have a gold tone finish to them and the sheen on them doesn’t peel or rub off even after you have used them over a period of time. Some of the cheaper ones that I purchased started to turn or the coating on them started to peel off and would leave marks on paper. So far these haven’t done that and are showing no signs of wear or tear. From time to time one of them gets bent or stretched out if I try to clip too many pages together but that’s not the fault of the paper clip now is it? You can use these on any sized paper or whatever you need to clip together and they are great to use if you need to glue something together and want to put something on the edges to keep things pressed together until the glue dries. Just make sure you use cardboard on the outside of the sheets so the glue doesn’t get on the clips and so that there aren’t any indentations from them on the paper when everything dries.

The downside to these is that they are only sold in packs of five so if you need a ton of them you might have to order them online from one of the larger office supply stores. So far I have only seen them in the five count packages but you might want to check the Acco website to see if they sell them in bulk. You can pick them up for about a dollar fifty for the five count pack which isn’t all that bad for what you are getting. Some of the other oversized ones that I purchased in the past looked nice but weren’t sturdy enough to handle heavy loads of paper or they lost their tension after a couple months of use. Acco makes these in the bright silver finish if the gold ones seem a little over the top for your office needs.

The Bottom Line

These are a nice thing to have around even if you only use them every once in a while. The size of them, four inches long, means that they will firmly hold almost any sized paper without having to worry about the clip slipping around. As I said, the only downside is that if you use it on too few pieces of paper there is a chance that it will leave an impression or warp the pages but you can get around that by using a piece of scrap cardboard over the top edge where the clip goes. I’d rather spend a couple cents more and get these than to get a cheaper brand or version and run the risk of having the finish rub off on papers or having them rust.

As always, thanks for the read!

~^V^~ Freak ~^V^~

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