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Jan 7, 2008 (Updated Jan 7, 2008)
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Pros:Easy to close. Puncture resistant. Good price when on sale. Can hold a vacuum cleaner.

Cons:Included ties could be longer.

The Bottom Line: I've used at least three brands of contractor bags on Spud Acres and like these the best.

Once upon a time Oldielocks was walking through the deep woods. Since he was no spring chicken, the famished Oldielocks grew tired and decided to stop at the first house he came upon. Soon a quaint cottage appeared up ahead, oddly isolated in these deep, dark woods. The man raised his hand to knock on the front door. but noticing it ajar he just traipsed inside. On the kitchen table was a sweet potato pie, still warm and oozing aromatic nutmeg and cinnamon vapors. Foregoing fork or plate, the hungry potato aficionado made quick work of the pie. Leaning back in the kitchen chair, Oldielocks noticed bags and bags of potatoes in a corner of the kitchen and decided to help himself.

What could he use to carry them ? On a shelf he saw a box of Brand X garbage bags and some Ace Contractor bags in a roll. He decided to just grab a bag bag from the box, and began to fill it with potatoes. When the Brand X bag was mostly full, Oldie checked to make sure nobody was coming and slunk out the front door with the bag of potatoes slung over his shoulder. As he walked through the woods, his bag seemed to be getting lighter and lighter. “That scrumptious sweet potato pie must have been magic because I seem to be getting less tired and stronger the further I walk,” he mused.

Finally the bag felt as light as air, but when Oldielocks turned around to look at his take, it all became clear. There was a hole in the bottom of the bag and all the potatoes had fallen through. The greedy man had nothing.
“ I knew it. I knew it,” he wailed. “I should have used that Ace in the roll.”

Ace Contractor Strenght Bags Bags

Come with a satisfaction guaranteed Ace Promise –
Extra large holds 42 gallons –
Bags bags measure 2 ft 9 in by 4 ft-
3-mil thick-
Fits up to 42-gallon can-
Ties are included if you want to be formal-
Designer black color.
The same bags used by professional contractors!-
These bags are made in the USA-
Available in rolls of 8 packed in a plastic bag or rolls of 12 packaged in a genuine box-

CAUTION: Do not leave these bags in areas accessible to small children.
Not recommended for food storage. Tupperware or Glad bags are might be better suited for storing leftovers.

Using the Ace Contractor Bags Bags

Several years ago I experienced my first sighting of a contractor clean up bag when a crew doing some work in my home left several of the behemoth bags behind, filled with cans, wood scraps, and insulation. I contracted an affinity for these rugged bags almost immediately and have maintained this preference ever since.

Contractor clean-up bags are thicker, stronger, heavier, bigger, and costlier than your average garbage bags. They're my bag of choice for heavy duty clean up chores. Because of their uncommon strenght, they can hold more weight than other bags and are less likely to break open spilling their contents. For gathering leaves an ordinary leaf bag will do, but for collecting heavy sticks and branches, the contractor bags work much better. Because of their higher cost, I use them judiciously.

Recently I had the opportunity to try some Ace Contractor Clean-Up Bags Bags while doing some yard clean up. Probably the hardest thing (besides spending the extra money) about using these bags is separating them at their perforations. If you try this in dim light, you could pull out the whole roll of bags and not find any perforations. It’s best to unroll the bag slowly while looking carefully for the perforation and feeling for them with your fingers. Once the perforated joint is found, tearing the bags apart is child’s play.

Some contractor bags I’ve used require tedious effort and concentration to open; the ends seem to stick together. With the Ace bags I encountered no difficulties whatsoever. I did notice that the enclosed ties could be longer, but that the bag ends are easier to twist when closing and are easier to tie than other contractor bags I’ve used.

Several filled bags were so heavy that I dragged them on the ground at least a hundred feet to the curb. The bags slid across the ground with aplomb and no tears whatsoever. Though the bags were filled with heavy leaves and sticks of assorted lengths and girths, none of the Ace bags suffered a tear. These great bags Aced every test I threw at them with flying colors.

If you’re ever confronted with a task requiring extra strong clean-up bags, keep the Ace Contractor Clean-Up Bags in mind. They make you feel like a professional.

Note: Find the page for this product on the Ace website and you’ll see the identical spelling of “strenght” as in this listing.

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