Acer V193WLbmd 19 inch LCD Monitor

Jun 22, 2012
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Pros:Extra bright whites and colors, anti-glare screen, both DVI and SGVA connectors

Cons:no integrated speakers

The Bottom Line: The Acer V193WLbmd 19 inch LCD monitor is nice quality monitor that would make an excellent second monitor.

We were needing to add a second monitor to several of our computers throughout the company and I was tasked with finding a good monitor. I started my search online and I discovered there were a few models available for the price we were wanting to spend (around $100.00 each).

We have been using Acer brand monitors for many years where I work and I have always been really happy with the overall quality of the brand. So I saw one of the monitors available in our price range, we jump on it. The model we decided on was Acer V193WLBbmd 19” LCD monitor. By the time you get to the end of this review you will have enough information to make an informed decision on whether or not you should pick one of this up for yourself.

Acer V193WLbmd 19 inch LCD Monitor

After ordering several of the monitors online we only had to wait a few days for them to be delivered by Fed-Ex. They arrived security packed in a relatively small sized cardboard box with  two pieces form fitting Styrofoam. Along with keeping the LCD panel safe from damaged, the Styrofoam also has cubbie holes inside where Acer placed all of the parts that came with the monitor. These parts include an information pack with CD, power cord and SVGA video cable.

After putting everything together and attaching the power cord to the back of the monitor and hooking up the video cable to the back of the monitor and to the SVGA port on the first computer. After it was hooked up it was time to fire up the computer and monitor to see how it looked.

I immediately discovered that the older video card in the computer did not recognize the native resolution (1440 x 900 pixels) setting of this monitor. That made it necessary to load the CD into the drive and run the install program. Once done, I was able to use the proper resolution setting designed for the Acer V193WLbmd monitor. It is really important to be sure to have the correct resolution set on the computer as it can seriously affect what your desktop will look like on the  monitor.

After having everything hooked up we got the answer we were looking for from our users, Acer delivered the goods. The on screen images were very crisp, clear and really jumped off the screen. The additional desktop real estate was definitely appreciated by all of our users making it easy for multitasking with numerous windows open at the same time.

My Final Thoughts

The Acer V193WLbmd 19” monitor turned out to the best purchase we have made in quite a while. The wide screen gave us exactly what we were looking for; extra desktop real estate. This made it much easier to have multiple windows open at the same time.

The quality of the screen also made it easier to look at it. The whites and colors are a lot more vivid thanks to the ultra high contrast ratio. Acer also thought it was important to help cut down on screen glare by treating the screen with a matte black finish. Since many of the computers that we added these monitors to were located very close to windows, the anti-glare treatment was a definite plus.

A slight negative to this monitor was the fact that Acer left out the integrated speakers. Some of our users were really wanting to have the built-in speakers, but they were left disappointed. However, we were not going to let that be a deal breaker and we just gave the users that were looking for built in speakers a set of speakers to hook up to their pc.

After using the for a few months for a wide range of uses from simple office work to light video editing , this monitor performed exceptionally. Now does that mean that it will blow you away playing graphically intensive video games, I cannot say. However, the refresh rate seems to be fast enough for videos.

We still think that we made a great choice in the selecting the Acer V193WLbmd 19 inch LCD Monitor.

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