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Virtual-On: Oratorio Tangram (Sega Dreamcast, 2000)

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Who needs the Twin Sticks!!!

Nov 12, 2000
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Seriously people. After playing the game 2 months straight with my brother, I have come to the conclusion that playing the game with the DC controller is actually the best way to master the game.

Don't listen to those critics who say that ,without them, many aspects of the game are lost. The only things you can't do real well without them are:1. You can't rotate that well and 2. You can't fully master the dash slice.

Let me tell you, not being able to rotate is not a great handicap. This can be easily compensated by jumping and by firing your weapon while dashing.

These two tactics center your opponent in the center of the screen ,the reason rotating is really necesary in the first place. Rotating, by the means of the Twin Sticks, in order to center the opponent is much more clumsy than just pressing the jump button. Then there is the annoying dash slice, or whatever you call it.

I have played with the twin sticks, to do the the dash slice, and more often than not the attacked missed. Somtimes my sword would go right through the opponent and nothing would happen.

Now you may ask why didn't I play the game with Twin Sticks first if I had access to them. Let me tell you a little story of David and Goliath. My broher's snobby, rich, arrogant friend came to our house with his much prized imported twin sticks.

Me and my brother told him that we had come quite efficient with the DC controller. Ofcourse he started laughing saying that he had learned the game like it was meant to be played. He started gloating stating that his mad "Twin Stick" skillz will dominate.

We started playing and it soon became clear who was dominating. Our reactions were just way faster than his. Now, it is possible to execute some muli-buttoned moves a little easier with the twin sticks but, the more fast paced dash,duck and shoot moves can be done with great ease with the DC controllers.

While it took him a second to jump, air dash, shoot, and then cancel; it took us only half a second. It is much easier for us to pull off these moves when the buttons are only a quater of an inch apart as oppose to using the clunky twin sticks.

Don't believe me well I don't blame you. It takes great patience to get your fingers to move in such rapid well coordinated movements. At times you wish you had extra fingers but, as I said before, the best way to master this game is with the DC controller.

I am so confident that when the On-line version comes out I'll challenge all you non-believers. You better bring it Activision or SEGA!!!!! Critics and challengers my E-mail address is

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