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Aeris XR1 NX Wrist Computer SCUBA Equipment - 104710

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Aeris XR1 NX Makes it Easy to Plan Your Dive and Dive Your Plan

Jun 20, 2013 (Updated Jun 20, 2013)
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Pros:Easy to use. Large readible watch face.

Cons:The owners manual print is too small. Need magnifying glass to read.

The Bottom Line: Great watch, Excellent and affordable price.

If you are serious about scuba diving, you will realize the importance of investing in a dive computer. Last year while undergoing my advanced underwater diving certificaton, I purchased the Aeris XR1 NX Wrist computer. It is a decent, easy to use and competent dive computer. The Aeris makes it easy to plan your dive and dive your plan! Dive safety is so important and a dive computer can help you in your planning.  

Remember that technology is no substitute for common sense, and a dive computer only provides the diver using it with data. You must have a thorough understanding of dive safety and how the dive computer is used. 

 The Aerix XR-1 NX can be used as a regular wrist watch, though a bit bulky for daily use or it can be used for its purpose of keeping track of your dives for a safe diving experience. The XR-1 can simply display your current depth, water temperature, and how long you can stay under according to dive tables-this is your DPT or Dive Time Remaining readout. If this is all you are concerned with then that is all you need to worry about. If you want to know more information you press a button and you will see a variable ascent rate indicator so you can do a slow ascent to the surface. There is a safety stop timer, to keep track of how long to stay at 15' foot safety stop as recommended by Padi and Dan. There are color coded bar graphs of gray, yellow and red that can give you way more information. The graphs tell you your nitrogen accumulation and the the pixel buildup gives you an easy readout of the acceptable parameters. You can set the watch before the dive to whether you are diving with the normal "air" setting or a nitrox tank of anywhere between 21 to 50 percent. 

Nitrogen Bar Graph

The watch face shows a nirtorgen bar graph that represents the tissue loading of nitrogen, showing your relative no decompression stattus. This is important information for divers who want to dive within safe limits.

Size and Fit
I have a small build and very small bone structure. My wrists are small and I was worried that the watch would roll around my wrist uncomfortably. This was not the case as the watches wrist band is easy to adjust and tighten comfortably. You can cut the excess watch band off to fit your size or tuck the end under the buckle. The watch stays in place and does not roll around on your wrist. The watch band is acceptable for both small and large wrists.

Digital Watch Face 

The very bright digital watch face has large over sized digits to make it easy to read when you are 60 feet or more under water. 


The watch battery is long lasting. I used it for 15 dives and it is still working fine. You can replace the battery easily and it is a good idea to keep a battery on hand just in case. Order an extra Replaceable CR2450 Battery when you order your watch. An added bonus, should your battery low indicator start blinking between dives, the "hot-swap" feature allows you to change batteries between dives while maintaining all calculations.

NX or Nitrox Feature

Set the watch to regular air or Nitrox mode before you dive. You can dive nitrox of between 21 and 50 percent with this watch. The Nitrox setting has a depth sensor alarm, if you go below the acceptable depth the alarm will sound off.

Water Activation

Once you hit the water, the watch automatically turns on. This is a great feature and worked for me everytime. Of course if you are nervous that this is not the case, push the button before you leave the boat. I will be honest I checked the watch many times while I was on the boat ride out to our destination just to make sure the battery was still working and I had my settings right. 

Quick List of Important Features

Air and nitrox Operating Modes
Easy to Learn and Use with Free Online Class
Customize Information Displayed on Dive with Press of a Button
Water or Push Button Activation
Diver Replaceable CR2450 Battery
Hot Swap Memory Allows Battery Change between Dives
Safety Stop Prompt
12 Dive Log Book
Dive Time Remaining
Over Sized Digits
User Friendly Mode Icons
Time Stamp
24 Hour Fly Countdown Auto Altitude Compensating
Calculated De-Saturation
Depth Dependant Ascent Rate
330' (100 meters) Depth Readout
Owner's Manual
Computer comes with a 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee and a 2 Year Limited Warranty

Online Class Comes with the Watch

I loved the online training that comes with the watch. I watched the classes several times. The videos show how to use each feature. There is a quiz at the end of each section.  The online class training expires after a few weeks- so you must watch it quickly. If you want to buy additional time to watch it, it will cost approximately five dollars. 

Keeps a Dive Log

The Aerix Nx-1 only keeps 12 dives in the digital log book. I don't think that is enough....   

Owners Manual

The owners manual that comes with the watch has print so small that I could not read it at all. I had to go online and watch the training videos, which were awesome and then print out the most important features in large print from the online owners manual.  I don't wear glasses, but I suppose I am getting old and small print is blurry. 

Simplicity for Safe Diving-No Bells and Whistles

This dive watch does all the basics' plus more in the personalized charts to keep you safe, on your dives. It does not have a feature that allows you to plug it into a computer or lap top to transfer over the data to a hard drive. Once you hit the 12 dives it erases the data of the oldest dive.

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