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Aero Raised Aerobed (Twin, Full, Queen)

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Comfy, but too PRONE TO LEAKAGE

May 24, 2007
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Pros:Easy to use, very comfortable for people of modest stature.

Cons:Leaks, leaks and more LEAKS! IMHO: Defective seam construction

The Bottom Line: No. Nice in theory, but not for the price and complete lack of long term reliability. All my leaks were at the seams. Must have defect in its basic construction.

We bought the outdoor "Sports" version (twin) with rechargeable battery air pump in April of 2005 for about $80. Very impressed with ease of use and comfort. We used it indoors during a home renovation for an entire month the first time out and loved it. Lately it's been heavily used for recreational camping and sleeping inside a station wagon while on the road. The pump has taken 6-7 recharges and provided 35+ inflations with no signs of wearing out. BUT...

After about a year we experienced the first overnight deflate. We are extremely careful when using it and always have a plastic tarp under it outdoors or inside a tent or car.

LEAK DETECTION: This is the quickest way to find a leak. Fill a squeeze spray bottle with water and add a teaspoon or so of concentrated dish soap. Shake to mix. Spray this all over on the back vinyl side of the pumped up mattress first, as that is where I have found my (2) leaks so far. Look for gurgling bubbles. I would suggest you focus around the seams, particularly in the pillow area.

I patched the first one located in the pillow area at the very end of one of the vertical seams nearest the pillows horizontal seam. Surprisingly it has held very well given the uneven, convoluted and bulging seam location. Give Aero and 'A' for patchability. But just a few months later we had another loss of air during a long camping trip. Upon returning home, I found another leak in the identical vicinity, but two seams down from the first one. The odds of a random puncture striking twice in the same area seems far fetched, hence my conclusion below. I patched this leak which was most apparent but after inflation, it still has a leak somewhere. Most people do not have the patience to find and repair leaks. This is now out of warranty and as patient as I am, if I can't readily find this third leak, we will sadly go back to our Thermarests.

To add insult to all the leak, on our last camping night out bed pump up, one side of the plastic lip cracked off of the bed twist on inflation opening. This section triggers the pump when attaching the inflator. So far it still works but the pump has to be tweaked just right to activate the motor power mechanism.

CONCLUSION: Comfort: 9.5 Reliability: 0 I believe there is an inherent defect in its construction that allows for the frequency of seam leaks. If buying one again I would recommend using a credit card with common customer feature that doubles the manufacture warranty to 2 years. We have gotten good service going this route on other purchases.

I am doubtful that I'd buy again or at least consider a cheaper alternative. My in-laws got an $40 Eddie Bauer model with built-in electric pump, but their patching method looks pretty flimsy compared to Aero. It is just an adhesive patch like a big band-aid - no glue. There's got a man-made hole, so I will get a chance to see how effective there repair system works. Wish me luck!

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