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Re: Re: ???
by nc10
Nice update, thks.

I'll offer the dissenting reminder that I have been able to burn "slide shows" onto a CDR or CDRW for DVD players (well almost all DVD players less than 3 or so years old). Nero will even handle .tif format pictures. But the pictures usually don't look quite as good as they do on your computer screen, as Nero and the other programs format the pictures to fit the VCD or SVCD standards.
Dec 29, 2002
5:28 pm PST

Re: ???
by ASourdough4
Your unusually fair and helpful comment stimulated a major revision of the review, now published. The interfaces are common to many other programs and the ease of use is restated. Since the end product might satisfy newcomers to the CD - x technology, I have changed my opinion to Average.

Dec 29, 2002
12:52 pm PST

by nc10
I hope I understand your review, if I misunderstood, I apologize. I interpreted your review to be a question how to burn jpg's to a cdr or cdrw and look at them on a television.

You need to have a dvd player that reads cdr's or cdrw's. (most new models can read both, some older models can only read cdr's or cdrw's).

It would be nice if your DVD player not only read VCD's, but could also read SVCD's. You'll get much better quality photo's if your dvd player can read svcd's. You may need to experiment a little to find what works with your dvd player (CDR vs cdrw, vcd vs svcd)

But, unfortunately, you haven't said what dvd player you are trying to use to view jpg's on.

Nero gives several "interfaces" (the Wizard, Nero Express, and the standard view). Assuming you are using the standard view, open Nero and select either VCD or SVCD creation, depending on what your dvd player supports.

Add the jpg's from Nero's file browser window to the compilation window. Set the pause time between pictures if you want. Click burn. That should be it. This is explained somewhat in the "Creating a simple Photo CD" section in Nero's help files. Again, if I misunderstood your review, I apologize.

If you don't have the latest version of Nero (the box says 5.5, but you probably have 5.5.7 or later_, download the latest update from the ahead website, some users like the new NERO EXPRESS interface better (easier to use)

Its actually usually cheaper to by a new cd writer that comes with Nero than to buy the retail version at list price. You can get OEM versions of NERO on ebay for ~$10-$15.

If you decide to download the demo again from the Nero website and need help, email me.

My opinion, FWIW, is that Nero is worth the effort to learn how to use, even if its not as intuitive as you might want it to be. The platinum version of easy cd creator will make photo vcd's also, not sure about the basic version that comes with computers and cd writers.

You might want to look at the guides here:

and here: (look at the bottom of this page for different programs that will help you make photo cd's.)

Dec 27, 2002
7:15 am PST