Aiptek Plus A-HD+ 128 MB Camcorder - Silver Reviews

Aiptek Plus A-HD+ 128 MB Camcorder - Silver

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A Poormans camcorder

Jan 3, 2008
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Pros:vid 720 av input fixed lens

Cons:sound poor support firmware unacceptable

The Bottom Line: 720p at 99.99 write a review 10.00 to you. 89 now fixed lens and Economy budgeteers wil appriciate a poormans cam

A poormans camcorder. You may understand the word poor man or lady camcorder Poor Is Just a Word saying it is the best Economy model on the market of Video, Audio is not the best.

I own and owned a number of models and can Say that 99.99 at the given time no other company has offered , or will offer you this video of 720P hi-def to anyone.

A cam fo video, you have to ask yourself what can I afford. Sony pana, can, etc. they are way over priced for all the extras, and this makes it hard for an average person to decide on such models.

so why not try out a Hybrid take a look at a real one and the price range is at 1300.00 plus, while you can still need to purchase a longer battery attachments and bags, all that should be FREE.

The Aiptek A-Hd does not come with extras but ifall works out. get a remote control a extra battery, a pheonix wide angle lens large, a case and 4 gig sd card and tripod. 200.00 give or take.

You are off filming. 90 minutes of recordable footage and best yet you are able to edit with the included software, if older models what would2.99 more , hur. take any footage back to the camcorder and watch it. remember this is not limted device. it is a beginners -Econmoy hybrid professionals laugh at it, they are photoghraphers, place a video camcorder in their hands and watch them become an amutare in a sec.
There are also the downsound and that would be the sound it is decent to poor. not a great mic will seperate andcause interruption in moving cars, concerts and loud areas, that to me is normal, not ment to be again a professional model. get asound recorder and be happy you have Hi-Def .
that said happy filming and thank you for the extra 10.00 saved on the camcorder

Recommend this product? Yes

Amount Paid (US$): 99.99
Recommended for: Budget Buyers - Best Values to Fit the Budget

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