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Air Heads 36 Sticks White Mystery (Perfetti Van Melle)

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What Flavor Is The "White Mystery" Air Head?

May 22, 2011
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Pros:A half ounce of mind blowing flavor, 60 calories.

Cons:PVM needs to add a new (true) mystery flavor to the line up.

The Bottom Line: Dying to know what the White Mystery Air Head flavor is?

When it comes to taffy, there are some flavors that really stand out. When it comes to Air Heads / AirHeads taffy most of the flavors are more than a little addictive. The White Mystery bar is packed in a silver foil wrapper to protect its freshness but it also makes it stand out from other flavors. So what is the flavor? When you peel open the wrapper and see the pristine white taffy you don't get any clue to the mystery; give it a sniff and it smells like a strong berry, possibly blueberry. Bite in to it and it has a smooth but attractive berry taste but a little different from the regular berry flavor. I was a little disappointed that it wasn't something completely unique but that didn't stop me from eating it. That's not really a hard feat considering that the whole taffy piece is a smidge over a half ounce. Wanting to myth bust the common notion that the White Mystery is just a regular flavor of Air Head without a coloring added to it I opened a couple more.

Hold it right there.
This one tastes like cherry.
Ok, now I am starting to get irked.

I ended up opening five more of the taffy bars and two of them had the original berryish smell and taste to them and three had a cherry taste / smell. So I have to think that some of the people were right about them being regular Air Head bars without a coloring added to them. PVM / Perfetti Van Melle gives you no hints on the packaging or at their fan website. If you are thinking about checking the ingredients that too will leave you stumped because the only clues you are getting to get are the words "artificial flavor". It's a nice marketing ploy and makes it interesting to see which flavor you are going to get but I do feel a little duped that it's just a randomly packed common flavor without a dye coloring added to it.

White Mystery Goodness:

Since the White Mystery can be a random flavor that makes it almost impossible to review. Umm, come on now. Really? That just makes it more interesting. Every single one I have opened has been white so that means that there are tons of uses for it outside of just sitting there eating it. I fully intend on getting another sealed box of these to use for decorating Halloween cookies. They are going to be the perfect size to use with mini cookie cutters to make edible ghosts. One of the problems with that is the one side of the taffy has a crease in it from the wrapper. You can roll it out a little to get rid of it or just use the opposite side. I have used Air Head taffy for a lot of different types of edible decorations and it is a lot of fun to work with and a lot cheaper than buying fondant. While it isn't as flexible as actual fondant for small projects or if you want to make small balls for Christmas tree cookies, accents for cupcakes or to be pressed in to royal icing. A pack of Wilton fondant is about seven to eight dollars for four ounces. You have any idea how many packs of Air Heads that could buy? Not to mention the color choices if you stray away from the White Mystery version!

You can get the White Mystery packaged in regular Air Head assortment packs or by the box. Now that I know the secret of them they seem a little less enchanting; I always avoided the flavors in the six pack dollar packs because someone said that they were a tart strong blueberry. After opening and trying more than a couple of them I'm a little disappointed that it isn't a unique flavor but I will buy another box when September rolls around so I can play around with them for Halloween embellishments. I grabbed a box at Fort Pitt Candy in the Strip District and know that's probably my best be in regards to price and freshness. I hope that PVM / Perfetti Van Melle rotates the Mystery Flavor or adds one for Halloween [a black one would make me pass out upon opening the wrapper]. If you always wondered what the White Mystery flavor was and only tried one of them then you might think that they are all the same. Clearly, not the case.

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