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Aleve Arthritis Tablets - 100 Caps (53647)

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BEWARE...Aleve contains ingredients you may not be aware of.

Jun 13, 2001
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Pros:Often fights headaches that regular ibuprofen can't.

Cons:Beware -- caffeine.

The Bottom Line: If it works for you and you don't mind the added ingredient of caffeine, no problem. But consumers should be aware that it does contain caffeine.

Here's the thing: Yes, Aleve fights headaches. But read the ingredients list carefully. It contains caffeine.

Caffeine is included in Aleve and a few other pain relievers because it has been shown to help fight headaches. Some migrain patients swear by it. But here's the problem: Caffeine isn't healthy for your body.

Some people, such as myself, are allergic to caffeine. If they took a pill like that without realizing, it would make them ill. Others are just very sensitive to it, it can make them shaky or jittery or wired. There have also been studies linking excessive amounts of caffeine to non-cancerous lumps in women's breasts. (Though of course this would require much larger doses than what is in one Aleve and over an extended period of time.) Lastly, what if a parent or caregiver gave Alleve to an older child, on whom the caffeine would have a stronger affect, and most likely not the desired one.

I don't mean to be overdramatic -- taking a pain reliever with caffeine in it such as Alleve once in a while if you find it affective is perfectly fine. Just read the ingredients lists carefully on this and other OTC medicines, because you may be getting more than you bargained for.

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