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Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Learning Puppy

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Entertaining, but has its limitations

Aug 26, 2009
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Pros:Educational, plenty of things to do and learn

Cons:Sensitive sensors

The Bottom Line: Worth it because it will grow with your baby

The Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Learning Puppy is a bright colorful educational and entertaining toy. It is plush and has all baby safe parts [except the battery compartment]. It has two interactive play modes- one for Learning Time which it will announce when you press one of its feet [orange one], which will teach baby Parts of the Body when each part is touched. It also has a Let's Sing and Play Games mode which has sing-along fun with favorite songs and games, including Itsy-Bitsy Spider, Pat-a-Cake, This Little Puppy Went to Market, A-B-C, and a few more. The voice is female and a little high pitched.

It requires 3 AA batteries which come with it. There is a little tab on the batteries. When you remove the tab, the demo version automatically goes into full play mode. The demo version plays short clips apparently for in-store 'try me' mode. If that tab removal does not work to get it into full mode, try turning it off and then back on again to reset it. That usually does the trick.

Depending on which body part baby or you touch, it says... ear, hand foot, tummy. And if you have it in learning mode, it will announce the color and body part that was sqeezed.

The volume control is on the back of the puppy where the battery compartment is. It also has a main on off switch.

It is large- about a foot high and pretty square dimensions all round. So about 13x9x7 inches or so.

Age Range: It is recommended for 6 months to 3 years.

$25 approx. at with free shipping
Walmart and other stores have it for less, but remember to factor in the shipping costs unless you buy it in-store

Time to Laugh and Learn with Puppy:

The educational part of the toy is very interactive. It teaches baby to learn through singing, dancing & playing. This would be more useful for a baby around 12 months, but my 7 month old loves to touch the various parts of the puppy and get responses. He also enjoys the songs. He does not seem to mind the voice the puppy has although it drives me crazy at times.

It does seem to be quite a good learning tool for baby to learn parts of the body. It also introduces baby to the alphabet, colors and counting. Fisher Price says that it also helps baby understand connections between words and images. I believe they understand and learn by association and cause and effect, because when they press the foot, it will announce "Foot" and then "Yellow Foot", and so on.

The puppy has a red heart that lights up. This is a real attraction for baby. He will watch it and try to press it [this part is a bit harder to press than others]. It also twinkles during songs and when it talks.

[The puppy pictured here is probably an old model. It does not show the heart. I believe the older model had some sort of dog bone or collar that lit up].

One cute thing about this puppy is, if you don't turn it off and you just sit it someplace, it will say cute things like "Peek-a-boo I see you" or "You're my friend" etc. at random times. It guess it will feel like a real live thing to a child. Of course, my baby just startles since he is too young to know the difference between real and toy.

Although the toy is plush, I would not say it is cuddly because any cuddling will set off its various sensors and it will start to say something or sing, which will immediately make baby startle or pull back to watch it. If you just want a plush toy for baby to hold and cuddle, this one is not it. But it is huggable if baby chooses to do that. It has no parts that could hurt baby and is big enough to feel like a friend.

My baby has been playing with this for about 2 months [since he was 5 months old] and is getting more interested in it as his apprehension about this strange thing that talks is decreasing. He loves triggering the sensors and getting a response. But there are times when he can get overstimulated by it.

Battery life has been good so far. He plays with it for a few minutes every day and it has lasted untill now with no signs of becoming weak.

The main on-off switch on the back is helpful when baby is not playing with it because the sensors on the puppy are very sensitive and can come on with even the slightest touch. This can be very annoying when the baby is sleeping or is having quiet time and gets startled by this toy if his hand brushes against it. Also, it tends to get very creepy when you are putting away toys and it suddenly says "let's sing and play games". So you want to either avoid touching its colored parts, or just turn it off for the night when you put it away.

One downside I see is that it is wobbly when it is sat up. My baby is learning to sit up now and he would like to have it sit up so he can press its various sensors, but it immediately falls off when he tries to hit it or press it. Maybe a little weighting on the bottom would've been a good feature.

The other problem of course, is the very sensitive sensors. See above. But good thing is these sensitive sensors make it easy for baby to use [which is kinda the point of a toy anyway].

This puppy is a good distraction tool too. It has come in handy when baby is crying inconsolably and just needs some distraction to stop. The voice is a female voice, so I guess it is also calming for baby.

The ears are wonderful for my baby to chew on. A teething baby will try to figure out a way to make every toy a teether!

Apparently this puppy also comes in a Hispanic version, but I have never seen it or tried it out.

Is it worth the price:

So far, it has been an average buy. I think my baby does not consider this one of his favorite toys, but I believe it might be a good learning tool for later and will grow with baby. Now it is teaching him cause and effect. Later, I believe he will learn words and know where parts of the body are etc. It has plenty of things it does like sing and talk and teach songs, games, and colors etc. It also look friendly and cute. It has also won some award for being a good educational toy.

Recommend this product? Yes

Amount Paid (US$): 25
Type of Toy: Educational
Age Range of Child: Other

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