Alpine PDX-1.600 Car Amplifier Reviews

Alpine PDX-1.600 Car Amplifier

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Dec 21, 2008 (Updated Dec 25, 2008)
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Pros:Output, ease of install, visually pleasing, stackable.

Cons:Price point, no bass boost (don't need it)

The Bottom Line: I say get it. The output alone is worth it, class D is only a feature to me.

Alright, so over the last few years, I've owned quite a few amps from almost every big name out there. So when I sold my last system a few years back and swore I'd never bother with it again in a new car I was dead wrong.

So something strikes me to rebuild what I had. Of course this had already manifested a few months before in a half way attempt to put subwoofers back into my ride, but I knew I had to go somewhat big. So I go into Best Buy up here in Waterford/New London, CT area and decide to go home with something.

First thing I've noticed is that the Alpine PDX line is the only amp around that I would say had a professional appearance. The price tag tends to carry a professional' price however. Lucky for me, I think they had this mis-priced for $299.99... After talking to my friend who always helps with my installs we decided the Alpine PDX600.1 would fit my needs and from a reliable company we had worked with before. Of course like any demented bassheads, we got out to the car and opened the box to see the little box of metal that would be pounding my head in for sometime to come. Also much to my surprise it came with a small "certificate" stating that the amps real RMS rating was 731 WRMS. Fantastic, I thought only Rockford Fosgate amps were like that. I'm sure 731 watts would beat my two Alpine Type S subs wonderfully. It almost sent my old RF Punch Stage 3 back into its basket.

So we get the amp in the trunk and realize this is the easiest amp to work with ever. The terminals are all on one side. They all use a standard mounting designed but turned about 15 degrees to allow you to actually have some leverage and comfort working with them. The amp will accept up to 4 Ga. bare wire. The speakers connect through a small plug that snaps into a port in the back of the amp itself. It kind of resembles a HUGE USB port. This is really neat, because if you want to disconnect your subwoofers... just pull the plug... literally.

The sound quality is something debated by many. Some say that Class D amps comtain high amounts of "distortion" over conventional class A/B amps. Being designed to only work with signals between ~100Hz and ~15Hz leaves little room for any audiable distortion. Also considering that the Alpine 100/150.4 amps are full range class D, I think they got this down. Quick beats are clear, crisp and not muddy at all. Alpine also claims a dampining factor 350% higher then class A/B amps.

Also inside the box you will find standoffs to mount another amp on top as these amps support "smart stacking" which allows 4 Alpine PDX series amps to be mounted onto of each other for a clean and easy install. I don't know if I would use it myself due to heat concerns. On the other side of the coin, many people claim the PDX 600.1 and 1000.1 get VERY hot. I however have never found mine to even become warm to the touch, I just don't like the idea.

All and all if you got the money, or can get a wicked deal like myself, this amp won't dissapoint. If your pockets are deeper the 1000.1 is probably your thing. They also offer a full range class D multi-channel amp as well.

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