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Aluratek Auv200f Vga Multiview Device

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My extra monitor seems to work fine

Jul 18, 2010 (Updated Aug 5, 2010)
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Pros:Remarkably good video quality and performance.

Works on Windows Vista 64-bit

Cons:Installation instructions could be better.

Widows 7 supported?

Needs to be set on reboot.

The Bottom Line: I recomend this device to those who are technically competent to deal with the vagueries of the installation instructions.

At $30 (after rebate) ... I am very pleased with this device.

Before purchasing this product I had three monitors on my computer: 2 connected to a NVIDIA 9500GT dual monitor card (PCI-E-16) and another monitor on a PCI expansion card (NVIDIA 6200).

I sooo wanted a fourth monitor on my system.

I purchased the Aluratek Auv200f Vga Multiview Device with great trepedation. My system is not, uh, standard.

Like so many devices, you install the software before you plug the device in.  Installation did not work smoothly.

Inserting the CD-ROM did not kick off autorun ... so you need to be a moderately competent user to find and run setup.exe on the cd-rom.  The installation instructions should have mentioned this since this is a common problem with Microsoft's autodetect of CD-ROMS.

Kicking off the CD-ROM leads you to the installation instructions.  Again, the instructions do not match the user experience.  There are various popups that are unexpected ... like Windows telling you that it is installing device drivers after the Aluratek installation (from a company named "Something-Magic". I don't remember the company name).

Once all the gyrations are complete (about 10 minutes) then you are supposed to be asked to reboot your machine.  That reboot message did not appear ... and, of course, there was nothing on my 4th monitor.

So ... I rebooted my machine.

- - -
If the monitor you have connected to the Auv200f is your second monitor, you will need to mess with display personalization.  Much of what I write, below, applies to you.
- - -

The monitor came up ... somewhat fuzzy.   The reeason it was fuzzy was that the Aluratek Auv200f Vga Multiview Device decided to pick the lowest resolution for my monitor rather than the highest.

Here's how to fix the resolution problem (assuming you want it fixed).

For Vista-64 (my system), right click on the desktop on any monitor. A menu comes up. Click on the personalize menu item.

Once you do that ... then somewhere on one of your monitors Microsoft will pop up the personalizations portion of the control panel.  At the bottom of that dialog is "Display Settings." Left click on it.

The "display settings" dialog will appear.  Select "Generic non-PnP Monitor ..." from the pull down menu.

Adjust the display settings.   I _strongly_ recommend that you do NOT make make this monitor your main monitor.

- - - -

I was surprised by how good the monitor's performance was.

Once I got the monitor working, I (like everyone else) want/wants to push the monitor adaptor to see how it performs.

I tried playing full screen video ... nope.   The screen refresh is awful.

But I did manage to get good video from about 1/4 of my screen (my screen is 1440 x 900).  I was impressed.

I then tried playing TV via my TV capture device (TVCenter Pro from Pinnacle).  I attempted to drag the TV video window to the monitor connected to the Aluratek Auv200f Vga Multiview Device.  I had to do a power-down reboot.   It is not clear to me if this is a failure of the Pinnacle TV device or the Aluratek Auv200f Vga Multiview Device.

- - - -

I am suprised and delighted to see how much more responsive the 1440x900 monitor is on the Aluratek Auv200f Vga Multiview Device than the 1280x1024 monitor connected to my NVIDIA 6200 PCI card is.

- - - -

If all you need (as I do) is an extra monitor to see source code on (or anything that does not need fast video) then this is a good solution.  In fact, it may be a better solution than tying up a slot on your motherboard.

I paid $40 at with a $10 mail-in rebate so the total cost to me will be $30.

- - - -
It's been another two weeks since I purchased the Aluratek Auv200f Vga Multiview Device and I have discovered that on my Vista-64 system that after every reboot that I need to reset the extra monitor by using the control panel's "Peronsalization ... Display Settings".

It's a minor annoyance.
- - - -

If you ahave a question about the Aluratek Auv200f Vga Multiview Device post the question as a comment and I will try to answer the question.

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