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Kindle Keyboard (D00901) Wi-Fi eBook: An Experience I Recommend

Jan 2, 2012 (Updated Mar 11, 2012)
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Pros:Easy to navigate
 easy on the eyes
easy to purchase or find free books

Cons:not back lighted

The Bottom Line: Kindle Keyboard has been an excellent experience. The reading experience and comfort is outstanding! The same's said for searching for books and the ease of purchase. Free books too! 

This Kindle Is Perfect For My Needs!

I never thought I would get a Kindle book reader. With so many other items on my "buy" list including a flat screen TV a Kindle was pushed to the back. I was very fortunate when my brother gave me the Kindle Keyboard D00901 as a birthday gift. That was extremely generous of him as we generally do not spend that kind of money on gifts but I digress.

Original Set Up

I opened the box and I was surprised NOT to see a name for this particular Kindle. There was nothing on the box or on the instrument to tell me exactly what it was in terms that I read on the Internet like Kindle, Kindle Fire, Kindle Keyboard and more. All I had was a book that stated Amazon Kindle and a model number in the back that was D00901. A little looking around convinced me that this Kindle Keyboard (3G/Wi-Fi) eBook Reader is what I have.

Opening the box I founds an accordian shaped Quick Start Guide. That's where I started by using the issued USB cord to power it up through my laptop. No other powercord or powercord adapter came with this device.  It didn't take long for the the green charger indicator to light up green and I was good to go.

Personal note;  I charged this in over a month ago and I am still reading with the same charge. I am amazed at how long the Kindle Keyboard holds a charge.

I do know that this has a sleep mode that turns the power of after a short amount of time when the device is not being used. That's excellent! I also like the always changing front images of people I'm looking at Harriet Beecher Stowe right now. Black and White images of Emily Dickinson,  Mark Twain, John Steinbeck, Agatha Christie and many others have visited me too.

A slide of the power switch on the lower bottom edge turns the Kindle on. It's there that ports and switches for volume, headphones, a microphone, join the USB port.

The quick guide gave good basic information and to date I have not gone anywhere else for what I need to operate this book. Owning a small cell telephone has helped me understand the use of some of the basic buttons on the Kindle like the five way controller so all was not foreign to this non-tech guy.

Personal Note; I do know that whenever I am not sure what to do I simply go to the "Menu" button and figure things out from there.

I like the ease of use while reading a book. A simple touch on either side of the Kindle and I can turn the page forward or backward.

Personal note; I had a discussion with two book purists, my wife and a dear friend who will not go to an electronic device like a Kindle to read a book. I was discussing how easy it is to turn pages and they scoffed me. I also went on to describe how I do not like turning pages on a book when in bed at night relaxing especially at the beginning and end of a book when I find it somewhat difficult to read the words close to the middle binding. They felt sorry for me. All I can say is, I love the click to the next page. 

I thought I was going to have to jump through hoops when it came time to get the book Wi-Fi connected.  I was wrong. the 3G connectivity was already set! I did have to change a few things for registration because the Kindle came with my brothers name on it when he purchased it through Amazon. It was a quick fix for me. No prob.

Finding Books and More To Read

After getting all that set I was eager to find a book to read. Everything was found right on the Kindle. Remember, I don't have an iPhone, iPad or any of those kinds of devices (except for my laptop) that are so portable yet are so complete in what they can do via the Internet. I was amazed at the catalogs of books, newspapers and magazines I could shop. I also loved the immediate gratification of a few clicks and I had what I wanted. 

Personal Note; I like being able to load samples of books. I was very interested in Stephen Kings JFK assasination take in his new book 11/22/63 so I asked for a sample and a moment later it was there! So cool!!

When I noted my gift of this eBook on facebook a few "friends" gave me addresses for free books. Now that was fun...and continues to be so. Everyday more books are available for free. At first I was jumping at most everything I saw. I added Les Miserables a book I have read but look to read again and it was free!

I was like a kid in a candy shop. I have learned though. I still grab the free books because I know I can store thousands of books on this device if I am reading correctly but I can only read so much in my busy schedule. I am now a bit more selective. I also know I can clean house pretty easily.

I was happy to grab the free Oxford dictionary for quick reference when on the road. 

Personal Notes; Inshopping around I found that there can be better prices for ebooks than the real deal but was very surprised to see ebooks more than the paper books. I wanted to purchase the ebook version of the Catholic Catechism for personal reference close at hand but found it much more through Amazon. I think some of these people selling their books need to reconsider prices.

I have also learned that my library is "connected" to lend books. That's another source I look to check out.

There's so much more that the quick guide mentions like adding book marks, creating notes and highlighting text that i simply haven't gotten into. I plan to learn it and do some after I get a book to read and review here on Epinions. I know that notes do help me in writing reviews. I was using paper scraps tucked into library books. That wasn't the best method.

I have played with the QWERTY keyboard, mostly for typing words for dictionary reference,  and find it easy to use.  

A Few Last Thoughts

Reading a book on Kindle is something I enjoy because it's easy on the eyes but first...

Personal note; I was quite disappointed when I found out the Kindle is not a back-lighted device. I thought I would be able to read it in the dark without any light. I was very wrong after seaching for some kind of light source as on my cell phone.

Though disappointed that I could not read the Kindle I did learn that the black ink on the matt background was certainly good for helping eliminate eye fatigue. .  There's absolutely no glare either. The screen that is  6" is large enough for reading and I like that I can change the text size if I liked. Ha, at one point I had the letters quite large so I didn't need a light while in bed with the lights out in the early morning when there was some sunlight filtering through our windows. When my wife glanced at my book she asked if I was reading a children's book. At that point I had plenty of light for regular text. I suppose I didn't have to change the pages as often either.  

I did get some screen covers to keep the screen from scratching with poor results because they were difficult to apply perfectly and showed bubbles. I walked up to my desk a couple of nights ago to find a flip case cover for my Kindle. God Bless my daughter who is always looking out for me. 

I like reading with the cover that opens like a book making the holding of the Kindle more natural. I can also flip the cover completely back if I like.  It feels like a regular book now but its easier to hold and change pages , especially as compared to a huge book like the new Stephen King book I related to earlier. No more having to lug if books around and I know I will love this when I am on vacation. I  can now carry a few books (actually hundreds) and not go overweight on my luggage. 

I have also done a little reading outdoors to see how it was reading the book in the bright sun. I found it a pleasure and no glare. 

I was shocked when I clicked on a "voice" activator and I was being guided through my selections via a semi- robotic voice. But fortunately it gets better. Audio books can be purchased for the Kindle. I decided to get a sample of a recent book I read by an author with a familiar voice. It was Killing Lincoln by Bill O'Reilly. When I set the Kindle for audio an image at the bottom of the screen looked like that of a audio device with "Play," Stop" and others that looked like FF and backward. I clicked play and clear as day through the two stereo speakers packed into the back of this Kindle Keyboard D00901 I could hear O'Rilieys familiar voice. Just good to know but I have found many audio books tend to lull me to sleep. 

So, I close stating, Kindle Keyboard has been a great experience to date. The reading experience and comfort is outstanding! I have to say the same for searching for books and the ease of purchase. Free books have been an excellent find for me too. Through my limited use I am not sure if I would need the keyboard as such but do find it easy to use when looking up words for the dictionary and such.

I can highly recommend the Kindle Keyboard.

E-Luminator Touch Perfect lighting for my Kindle

Verso's Artist Kindle Cover How I protect and carry my Kindle with a touch of class

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