American Girl Molly Camp Uniform: Molly Is Going To Camp!

May 10, 2012
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Pros:Simple, adorable, iconic

Cons:Hard to find

The Bottom Line: This is one American Girl retired outfit that is worth tracking down.  Molly's camp unifom is simply adorable. 

Last fall, I was able to catch a serious bargain, and I picked up 3 American Girl dolls for $80.  I was very excited about my find; I hadn’t intended to start with American Girl dolls until my oldest daughter was about 5-6 years old, but I couldn’t pass up a bargain like that! 

Once I had the dolls, I wanted to track down some outfits for them to wear.  Our local mall happens to have an American Girl store, but I wanted to see if I could find a bargain on the outfits, so I decided to check out Ebay.  Well, I was in for quite a surprise!  The prices on Ebay are often more expensive than the prices at the American Girl store! 

One of the dolls that I had found was Molly.  American Girl dolls have been around since I was a child.  I remember getting the catalogues, but my sister and I never received the dolls.  We even had the Molly books, and the only thing that I remembered about Molly was that she was from the 1940s, and that she went to sleepaway camp. 

So, it was high on my list of priorities to find Molly’s camp uniform.  Apparently, the camp uniform was retired in 2011- shortly before I found the dolls.  Most of the sellers were asking $40-$50 for the outfit, but I found an international seller whose price was much more reasonable.  I was a little wary, but I took a chance and the camp uniform arrived on my doorstep a couple of weeks later. 

The camp uniform consists of 4 pieces.  The first piece is a pair of red shorts.  The shorts have Velcro that closes on the side, and they sit high on Molly’s torso.  The second piece is a white blouse.  The blouse has a flared sailor’s collar in the back, and it fastens with real buttons instead of Velcro.  The third piece is a little kerchief/necktie.  It is permanently knotted in the front, and it fastens in the back with Velcro.  The flared collar is good for hiding the Velcro fastener on the necktie.

The fourth piece in the outfit is a red and white cap with the Camp Gowanagin logo on the front.  Unfortunately, our outfit didn’t come with a cap.  It pained me to buy an outfit without the cap, but the price was significantly lower than all of the other listings for Molly’s camp uniforms, so it seemed like the only way to get the camp uniform for a decent price. 

This camp uniform is one of Molly’s iconic outfits.  Molly can be seen wearing her camp uniform on the cover of the book Molly Saves The Day.  As I mentioned before, the camp uniform was one of the only things that I remembered about Molly from my own childhood.  This is a rather simple outfit, but the red and the blue are a nice contrast when paired with the white blouse.  The whole outfit is very patriotic, and it’s very fitting for an American Girl. 

I would absolutely recommend Molly’s Camp uniform.  As I have mentioned, this outfit is retired, so it can’t be purchased at the American Girl store or the American Girl website.  Your only chance of purchasing this is on the secondary market.  I would recommend checking consignment stores/sales, as well as local selling sites like Craigslist.  Ebay can be a good resource, but many sellers are looking for double the retail price.  This is a very darling little outfit, and all three of my girls are quite fond of it. 

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