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Ames True Temper Estate Hose Wagon - 2380400 (23805002380400)

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Ames Hose Wagon..Great for my acre and a half.

Sep 9, 2010
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Pros:Excellent helpmate to get around your whole property to water plants, or grass.

Cons:Buy non-kink hoses if you put the whole four hundred feet on this wagon.

The Bottom Line: It seems a little pricey. But the stress relief it gives you for not having to drag around a hose: priceless.

Ever get tired of dragging your garden hose around? Constantly flipping it around and hoping it doesn't kink. On the back right side of the property I have my garden, tomato plants, peppers in some variety etc. If it's going to be a 90 degree day, just like this morning at 5 am I was strolling my Ames True Temper Estate Hose Wagon around my dog pens and to the middle of the property.

I used to have a 150 feet on it but it was a chore rolling it back up, so right now it has 75 feet on it and I have to push it a bit further, but it gets the job done. The basket can hold up to 400 feet of 5/8 hose, If your property sits on one acre or more then I recommend this for you. It has a 6 inch hose, for one to hook up from your house hose and the other end for your rolled up hose.

This pretty rugged hose wagon is made of stainless steel. The thick tubing makes this wagon weigh 49 pounds, not including the hose. With 75 feet of hose that I have on it, weighs about 60 pounds. The handles are very springy, the grips absorbed them so you getting a firm grip wouldn't be a problem even for the ladies.

The sturdy frame allows you to basically go anywhere on your land. ( when will a inventor put a parking brake on these and a battery powered automatic hose roller upper? ). The ten inch pneumatic wheels are very sturdy when it comes to a bumpy place in your yard. Make sure they are filled properly or you'll be doing some hard pushing. Mine tend to use air in the winter, guess just for standing in the shed for 5 months.

 Make sure your hose is thoroughly empty for the winter months, best way to stretch it out and bust a crack in it the following year.  The Ames True Temper Estate Hose Wagon measures 30-by-24-by-36 inches. If you don't have a shed it can be wheeled anywhere to store for the winter. When my sheds are full I put a three foot tarp around it for protection.

This wagon comes with a full lifetime warranty just like all other Ames merchandise. There is assembly needed if you purchase this wagon online. But if you go to Home Depot they might have one already assembled.

I've had mine for three years now. My water spicket is on the left side of my home, and all the open property is on the right. Like I did with my shrubs when I planted them as to my annual vegetable garden, I put soaker hoses to everything but my grass. Soaker hoses when installed properly will save you at least 33 % on your water bill. As much machinery I have to keep clean this wagon makes it a whole lot easier. Last year I used it with a pressure washer and cleaned my siding. Many uses.

Thanks for reading !!!

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