Ampad AMP19706 Recycled Envirotech Natural Brown Catalog Envelopes 60 Lb 9 X 12 110Box Reviews
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Ampad AMP19706 Recycled Envirotech Natural Brown Catalog Envelopes 60 Lb 9 X 12 110Box

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Don't waste your money and your time

May 3, 2009
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Pros:Is recycled.

Cons:Poorly constructed. Glued areas small, Quality flimsy

The Bottom Line: Don't waste your money. These are of poor quality and need reinforcing to be safely used for shipping.

I own a small business that sells a natural product made of 100% organic cotton which has been made in the USA. I wanted to ship my product in recycled paper envelopes and found these on Amazon. In spite of some negative reviews, I took the plunge and bought the item I'm reviewing - Ampad Recycled Envirotech Natural Brown Catalog Envelopes 110 per box.
I knew I made a mistake the moment I opened the box. These are very light weight envelopes, poorly made and poorly glued. I am sending a high quality product out in an envelope I don't trust to remain intact throughout the shipping process.
The flap is 9" long and has two 3" glue spots on it. The ends and middle don't have glue at all. And worse yet the glue doesn't stick well.
The bottom of the envelope has a 1" overhand that is glued back onto the envelope but it doesn't appear safe. The flaps on both ends don't seem well attached. The top of the center back of the envelope is completely unglued to a distance of 1 1/4 inches! The place where the 2 parts of the envelope come together in the back is 3/4 inch deep which seems shoddy.
Overall the envelope is flimsy. I always reinforce the middle back, the bottom and the flap area with shipping tape before I send this envelope out.That adds quite a bit of weigh to my shipment enough to put me in a higher shipping category. I will use these up and then never buy this product again.
The best way to describe this envelope is to say that it looks like a paper bag you might get from the grocery store. Not a nice heavy paper bag but the flimsy one that breaks apart when you're carrying eggs.

This is what is stamped on the envelope. Recycled Paper 100% and in smaller print 40% post consumer waste. Envirotech.

This might be OK if you're sending unimportant papers. It works for me because my product is light weight and we benefit from sending it out 1st Class Package rate which moves as fast as Priority Mail. But as a business owner who produces a quality item and for whom presentation is important, the envelope falls way short of my expectations and needs

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