Gardenerschoice Angelique Tulips - 6 Bulbs (BAT401) Reviews

Gardenerschoice Angelique Tulips - 6 Bulbs (BAT401)

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GARDEN: Angelique Tulips

Apr 4, 2009 (Updated Apr 11, 2010)
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Pros:Angelique is well-liked in gardens across the globe

Cons:none noted

The Bottom Line: Angelique Tulip offers abundant attractive, aromatic blossoms, which are eye catching when placed in mass groupings.

Angelique Tulips are some of the most stunning of all tulips to be had; regrettably I do not find Angelique to always be as consistent as are some of their cousins when it comes to their reappearing the following year.

A bulbous perennial growing from sea level to alpine regions to steppes all through moderate temperatures found in Europe, Asia and the Middle East; Angelique is well-liked in gardens across the globe. Central Asia, in particular, enjoys Tulip cultivars for their vibrantly tinted, vertical blooms. Tulips are some of the most breathtaking of perpetual spring-blooming plants. Dependable players, Tulips are trouble-free to grow, bloom in an enormous range of colors and blossom types, as they announce spring.

The Angelique tulip, a mid spring flowering variety is one of the late blooming, peony type tulips having effusive double blossoms holding an abundance of bowl shaped, rosy pink petals. Flushed with both pale and darker shades of blushing tints having lighter periphery in addition to irregularly touched green or yellow bases; Angelique blossoms can attain 5 inches diameter. They are gorgeous in the garden bed. Leaves are 4 - 16 inches in length with the height of the cultivar reaching 12 inches.

Angelique Tulip offers abundant attractive, aromatic blossoms, which are eye catching when placed in mass groupings. Although I do not often cut my various flowering types; blossoms are first-rate for cutting. Rapier like foliage remain green in color throughout the growing season.

Suggested planting time is autumn, keep in mind that Angelique bulbs do not do well in disproportionately wet and sorry soils. Saturated heavy soils in particular tend to promote fungal growth as well as allowing other disease to gain a toe hole plus soggy soils can rot bulbs. Bulbs need productive, well drained loam where they can develop protected from strong winds in full sun.  Bulbs planted at a depth of 6 - 8 inches, or about 2 to 3 times the length of the bulb itself; should be situated in the planting hole with the pointed tip erect and the flat side, where roots will form, downward.

Planting expanse between bulbs depends in part on the hoped for result to be attained as well as on the size of the flower. Angelique bulbs can be placed about 3 - 5 inches apart of planting in ground, and closer if in containers. Enough room to allow bulb growth area to thrive and spread is best. Bulbs should not touch.

For optimum result dead head exhausted blossoms so that the plant life will center vigor upon reenergizing the bulb rather than in producing seed. Do not cut the foliage back after blossoming; rather leave foliage in place allowing bulbs to provide strength and vigor for next spring's growth.

Angelique Tulip is a perennial having fairly tall flower stems atop a lower mound of attractive green foliage. I place Luster Leaf and Panacea hoop top type plant supports near mounds to help hold the blossom topped stalks erect.

Bulb rot can be a hazard to tulip bulbs placed in inadequately drained soils, other problems for bulbs include bulb eelworms, fire slugs, fungus and rodents. I find I have greater success by lifting bulbs each year and replanting rather than leaving bulbs in the ground where little critters tend to eat most or all of the bulbs. Our clay soils are always problematic; I add organic matter to the bed prior to digging planting holes and again to the hole itself to aid drainage.

As a rule Angelique Tulip is a recurrent cultivar which grows best in full sunlight, foliage will rise to be about 10 inches tall with blossom stems extending to 14 inches tall, spread is about 8 inches. Under ideal conditions this cultivar can be expected to live for approximately 10 years. Great for cut flowers Angelique will do well in most soil types; I add organic matter including decaying leaves and dry whinny poo to the planting holes before dropping the bulbs into the soil.

I no longer try leaving bulbs in soil to winter over; mice and/or lack of drainage may have been the cause for my lack of recurring tulip production following my first planting of Angelique. Today I lift spent bulbs and reintroduce to the bed or containers in spring.

Tulip bulbs should not be lifted from soil until plant life has all become brown and has died back as the plants go inactive in fall. Prudence must be applied as bulbs are lifted; injury to bulbs can lead to fungal or other problems. I store the bulbs during winter in a cool dry spot in the garage where moisture which can cause bulbs to rot or turn mushy is not a problem.

Showy, soft pink layers of petals make Angelique one of the most quixotic tulips. Each stem produces abundant fragrant blossoms.

Happy to recommend jazzy, beautiful Angelique Tulips.

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molly martin
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