Annalee 14-in. Classic Elf - Green

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The Elves Have It All And "Made In The USA" To Boot!

Dec 27, 2009
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Pros:Made of superior quality with durable frames inside.


The Bottom Line:

Annalee elves are made in the USA to last. They are poseable and fun!

As most readers know, out of all the Annalee character dolls I have and reviewed, the elf is the most flexible and most fun to play with. They are just so long and thin and that durable wire inside of their bodies allow you to put them into animation.

They can be twisted to look as if they are in action. From sitting them down on a chair or just about anywhere in your home to standing them up to hanging them from beams on celiings, twisting them onto bannisters with one pointed elf leg up in the air and a smirk on their face, hugging chandalier arms or railings, you name it, they are just lively little whimsical characters who brighten up your home or office fo the holidays.

Annalee Elves come in many different sizes from 3 inch ornament elves to 30 inch ceiling beam elves. They come in all different expressions. From wide blue eyes and grins to one eye opened and one eye closed winking faces, the Annalee elves are the most fun to pose. 

The one I'm reviewing is the one I chose to own, the Annalee 14-inch Green Elf. He has a wide grin from ear to ear and big bright blue eyes with hand painted red cheeks. He is green with white faux fur for arm cuffs with a matching green elf hat with a matching green pom pom at the tip. Under the hat is tucked a sprig of green holly with two red berries.

Annalee 14-inch Green Elf was produced at The Annalee Factory In The Woods in Meredith, New Hampshire during the year 2003.  I have had this little man since then and when he is not in use after the holidays, I keep him tucked in tissue paper in plastic with a cedar block away from moths along with some more different holiday Annalee characters so each Christmas season he'll be fresh and ready to show his whimsical ways with a little help from me.

Annalee 14-inch Green Elf has a flexible sturdy wire frame inside of his body so he can be posed any which way to fit into your decor.

Annalee Thorndike was the creator of these dolls. She started making dolls in the 1930's just for family, friends and neighbors and in the 1950's she started a little business in the farmhouse she and her husband owned. In no time stores were hiring her to make large display models of these dolls and she soon became known very well in the northeast for her whimsical faces and wired body character dolls. Soon stores all over the country got wind of Annalee's dolls and wanted smaller versions and they started selling them in their stores.

In my home during the holidays, Annalee 14-inch Green Elf along with his friends of different sizes, have been caught doing somersaults. swinging from ceiling beams, holding ribbon or decorative yarn on wrapped presents, hugging lamp posts, etc. and the some of the smaller ones have even adorned birthday cakes in little plastic containers.

I also have halloween and Easter, spring elves, along with elves holding colored leaves. Annalee designed a wide variety of her elves in her lifetime. They twist and turn their heads, feet, hands and body. They especially love to wave to everyone who comes into my home. They are known for that hospitable gesture.

You can purchase the Annalee 14-inch Green Elf online or in some gift shops that carry these dolls. Usually Hallmark's Gold Crown Stores carry Annalee Dolls. I bought my Annalee 14-inch Green Elf in The Village Barn in West Bridgewater, Massachusetts in the year 2003 when they first came out into stores.

Although Annalee made many different poseable character dolls, people included, in her lifetime, she is especially known for her elves and mice and for her Christmas Santa and Mrs. Clause dolls and her reindeer. I had a large 3-foot reindeer which I gave to my son and his wife and they have it lovingly displayed in their livingroom every Christmas season. My previous home during the Christmas season had many 30-inch elves swinging on the beams of my livingroom ceiling.

Annalee 14-inch Green Elf can hang from beams also and the smaller home I now live in accomodates him well.

Annalee Thorndike passed away in the year of 2002 but her memory lives on in her adorable and durable dolls she created.

All Annalee dolls are MADE IN THE USA in The Factory IN The Woods in Meredith, New Hampshire. No dolls made in China when it comes to Annalee dolls!

It will come time to pack up my dolls soon. But first they want to wish you all a Safe, Healthy and Happy New Year, especially the Annalee 14-inch Green Elf.

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