Antioxidant Supplement Green Tea Antioxidant Supplement (case of 6) / 20 Bags by Celestial Seasonings (Celestial Seasonings) Reviews
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Antioxidant Supplement Green Tea Antioxidant Supplement (case of 6) / 20 Bags by Celestial Seasonings (Celestial Seasonings)

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Want a Tea Full of Antioxidants? This Green Tea Will Take Care of You!

Dec 19, 2010
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Pros:Tasty, good for you, relaxing

Cons:A weird flavor

The Bottom Line: This is a quality tea and though it might have a strange taste at times, it's naturally sweet and good for the soul and body.

In these cold winter months we need to stop drinking all of this coffee and move towards something more exciting (and tasty). Of course, I'm talking about the better alternative--hot tea! Especially green tea, which has offered health benefits for many cultures throughout civilization from its antioxidant, metabolic, and digestive characteristics, which make it one of the most popular (and yummier) teas out there.

Celestial Seasonings is one of the premiere teas at the super market--made from 100% natural ingredients and recycled cardboard for their packages. The tea I will be discussing is the Natural Antioxidant Supplement Green Tea with White Tea for Smooth Taste. This caught my eye at the market for its antioxidant properties that I thought I needed to have in my tea cabinet. That and the fact that this tea has caffeine in it...which is something all of my other teas didn't have.

Each bag makes about eight ounces of tea (which is the serving size) and carries about 110% vitamin C to boost your immune system during this blustery season as well as a small amount of vitamin A and alfalfa (which is very good for your kidneys). Along for the ride is 45mg of Stevia, which is also known as sugar leaf and is definitely a natural sweetener that's supposedly helpful in treating high blood pressure. There's also 60mg of Eleuthero root, which is a relative to ginseng and is a powerful antioxidant. White tea has also been added to the green tea blend to give the flavor a much more soothing taste that's more enriching than the normal taste.

The actual flavor of this tea was quite striking at first and I was taken by surprise. There's a strong citrus flavor that hits your palate right off the bat and it's quite sweet with a rich lemony sort of taste. The green tea then hits you and it all mixes into this admittedly weird flavor that reminded me, I'm sorry to say, of vomit. That could very well be my crazy mind, but the feeling goes away after a while--when your soul completely warms up to the breeze of the tea. This isn't one of the stronger teas on the market and while it's full of antioxidants, its flavor is really smooth and pleasing. It's been really cold outside and there's nothing I look forward to more than a cup of this when I walk through the door.

I bought this for about three dollars at Safeway and there are a total of 20 bags included. I don't think I could have made a better purchase. The antioxidants are the biggest reasons to purchase this, but the flavor is also very memorable and different from a lot of the other teas I've tasted. A slice of lemon or orange inside with a sprinkle of raw sugar (or honey) would make this tea the biggest delight in your arsenal. This is the perfect tool to use if you're trying to beat a cold as well as the best preparation for the gooey winter months that might slow you down. While the flavor might not appeal to some's very interesting and for the might very have found your new favorite tea!

© Jason Haskins, 2010

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