Teknor Apex Neverkink Ultraflex Hose (860550) Reviews

Teknor Apex Neverkink Ultraflex Hose (860550)

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Apex Neverkink garden hose

Mar 22, 2008 (Updated Mar 22, 2008)
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Pros:truly never kinks as advertised.

Cons:Can't drink from hose. Nasty chemicals and foams in water.

The Bottom Line: great for flower gardens, but don't use it to water leafy vegetables because of the probably toxic chemicals.

I have this hose and I can vouch that it has worked precisely as advertised. It doesn't kink and I've used it for close to 4 years now. Both my pure rubber hoses and my other vinyl hoses kink like mad, but not these NeverKink hoses. The magic is in the mesh construction which prevents kinking. The 5000 series is advertised to be flexible down to 35 degrees F and I found this to be true compared to my other vinyl hoses which turn stiff below 40 degrees F. The extra flexibility compared to the cheaper 2000, 3000, and 4000 series is achieved undoubtedly by adding more plasticizers to the vinyl. Since the hose is semi-transparent it is also advertised to have an antimicrobial coating inside to keep microbial growth at bay.

When I turn the hose on after the water has been sitting in it for a couple of days, the water that comes out usually has a lot of foams for the first gallon or two. I think the foams are caused by the antimicrobial coating or perhaps even the plasticizer chemicals in the hose. Even after 4 years, it still causes a lot foaming. This worries me a bit because I use the hose to water my fruit trees and vegetables. What if the chemicals are harmful and what if they can be absorbed by the plants and end up in my body? I can't imagine either antimicrobial or plasticizer chemicals are good for the body.

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