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Apple Peeler

Jun 9, 2006 (Updated Aug 7, 2011)
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Pros:Easy to use, secure suction pad, durable.

Cons:requires a little practice, no option for just coring.

The Bottom Line: A nicely designed apple peeler or peeler-corer-slicer.

This device is designed to peel apples easily and quickly. You also have the option of having it peel, core, and slice the apple with an added attachment. The slicing creates a thin ribbon of apple that is an ideal size for making apple pie with.
This device is a hand powered device and not an electric appliance. But it is comfortable enough for anyone to be able to use.

Video update
I actually used this to take the very top layer of citrus off.  It worked extremely well.  All you need to do is cut it or grind it to add to food or sauces.  It is by far the fastest way to make large quantities of citrus zest.  My video link is above.

How it works.
The first thing you want to do is suction the bottom to your countertop. This is done with a simple lever. You just place it on the counter, pull the lever, and you have the peeler securely attached to the counter. I have had no problems with this suction design, it works beautifully.
If you are just peeling the apple then all you have to do is stick the apple into the spiked end of the turner. Line up the cutting blade. Turn the apple around and it peels the apple. This takes 5-15 seconds.
If you want it sliced and cored in addition to being peeled then you add the blade attachment. While the apple is rotating it goes through the blade cutting it into a long ribbon like product. The ribbon is easily broken which is good since you are probably making some apple dessert. It also cores that apple at the same time.
Now the result is not perfect. The blade occasionally misses a spot if the apple is not put on straight. It also does not peel perfectly on the top and bottom of the apple, so you may need to use a knife or peeler to clean it up. With apples that are irregular, perfect peeling is not possible. But as long as the apples are relatively round and you stick it on at 90 degrees, then you should have no problems at all. At least I haven’t.

Ease of use and who this is for.
This is very easy to use and I think anyone can use it. The levers and handle are big enough and require little effort from the user to use them. I feel this is for anyone but especially for cooks that use a lot of apples.

Maximum size the food can be.
I have not had any problems with any apples I have tried. For potatoes only the giant russet potatoes are going to be a problem because they are so long and not designed for this device. But round potatoes with minimal depressions will work well on this device. If the potato is irregular then it won’t work as well. And it also does not peel the ends of the potato, you will have to do that by hand.

Does it work like a spirrooley thingie?
It doesn’t because each pass only takes off one layer. It also will not peel the vegetable to the core. So I highly recommend a vegetable ribboner tool designed for that purpose.

I’ve used this on dozens and dozens of apples (a lot) and so far there are no concerns with durability.

Weight and dimensions.
Weight: 1 lb, 7.75 oz
Dimensions for storage: 12” x 5.75” x 4.12”

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