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Apple iPhone 3GS - 16GB - White (Unlocked) Smartphone

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iPhone:The Perfect Phone for a Busy Schedule

Dec 3, 2011
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Pros:Easy to use, packed with limitless features, music AND phone.

Cons:Bad calling voice qaulity at times.

The Bottom Line: This is a great phone because it has everything that you need to both stay organized and enjoy modern technologies.

I have always been the person who is picky with their money spending on "uneeded" things. Therefore, all of my previous cell phones were tracfones. My family decided that it would be cheaper is we went with a family plan with at&t. After searching the store for a phone, i noteiced that my attention kept coming back to the giant iPhone station that had in the middle.  I went with the iphone because of its appealing touch screen and my love for apples other products such as the iPod touch. 
Needless to say, i have not once regretted my iPhone purchase.

Ease of Use 
Of all the phones i have ever used or owned, the iPhone is miles ahead in terms of ease of use.  The smooth but responsive touch screen allows for precision navigation around the many apps and web pages that you will be exploring. Everything Apple does contributes to the ease of use of its products.  With over 500,000 apps available, it may seem that things would get clustered.  With apples simple, yet effective design for laying apps out on the screen with a widget picture and short title, it allows for users to skim through the apps to find the desired one.
For actions such a making calls, apple has again, allowed for easy access. There is a dedicated phone widget to make calls, check voicemails, look through contacts, and veiw recent calls made and recieved.  

Battery Life 
I charge my iPhone about once a day but even that is very unnecessary.  The iPhone comes with a white usb cable to charge the phone in the computer and transfer music/songs/photos.  It also comes with an adapter for that usb cord to charge the phone in the wall.  I rarely use either the cord or the adapter, rather, i use my iHome speaker system which i plug my iPhone into every night before i go to sleep.  I never turn my phone off and merely put it into sleep when it isnt in use.  I could easily go a few days without charging it and i believe it would be fine as long as i wasnt performing to many battery wasters on the phone.
Some of these battery wasters are: playing 3D touch screen games. Surfing the internet for long periods of time. Downloading many things at a time.  Baically anything that involves lots of use with the touch screen.  
Although i call these activites battery wasters, the phones battery still lasts a very good amount of time while performing these tasks.

Immedialty after purchasing the iPhone i decided to buy a simple rubber case for it.  I worried, because of its expense, that i would damage it in some way. I used it for a couple days with the rubber case but soon discarded it becasue of its proneness to hairs and dust.  I have since grown to the sleep and smooth feel of the iphone to the fingers.  Its very nice to hold becasue of its rounded edges and relative lightness. 
Without any sort of case or protection on, i have dropped my iPhone countless times.  On wood floors, marble stone, or asphalt roads, the phone has always made it out alive.  Not only has it continued to run perfectly, it only has a few minor scratches on the back and no marks what so all on the screen.  I dont know how, but the iPhones build allows it to survive all sorts of different durability tests that it no doubt faces with miliions of people around the world who own an iPhone.

Addtional Uses
I am a student who is very busy and has a constantly running brain. I am always thinking about the next project that is due or the what time my soccer match is on Sunday.  The iPhone has reduced my stress level in ways that i cant even express. The ability to quickly pull it out and use the calender app to jot down a note about an upcoming event and schedule a reminder for myself has made my life so much easier.  If the default Calender app isnt your cup of tea, go into the app store (already installed on the phone) and search for a reminder app.  
There are some times when i have a few minutes to myself that i feel like watching a video. I find that the iPhone, with its pre-installed YouTube app, is perfect to watch any type of video is desire watching. If im ever lost for a video to watch, i can easily go to the section of videos that are most viewed that day, month, or all time.  I can easily favorite the video for future enoyement or leave feedback for the producer. 
The texting is another great thing about this phone.  With the auto correct feature, i find that i can type out a message, even a lengthy one, and send it off within seconds.  After only a couple horus of adjusting to the on screen tough keyboard, you will be zipping out messages like its second nature.

The Phone Aspect
 Despite all the bells and whistles of the iPhone, we have to remember that it is a phone. As i states earlier, accessing the phone option for the iphone is super easy with its default phone app where you have the on screen dialing pad, recent calls made and recieved, contacts, and voicemails. While it is all very easy to use, i am somtimes dissapointed with the reception and sound quality.  I can attribute some of these issues to living in Vermont but it is still a frustrating problem at times.  I have noticed when using friends phones that the sound quality is better at times than the iPhones voice quality. It is not by any means a deal breaker, just something that should be taken into consideration when buying the phone.

My Final Thoughts 
The iPhone 3GS is an easy to use phone that appears simple, but actually has the capabilty to do almost everything that anyone could want. Because of the constantly updating app store, there are new features available to the phone everyday. I would highly recomend this phone for anyone who has a busy schedule and needs some simple way to keep track of it all.

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Recommended for: Adventurous Technophiles - Tough and Durable

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