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Apple iPod touch 3rd Generation Black (32 GB)

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The Ipod Touch 3rd generation 32GB MP3 player is helping run my music business!

Aug 21, 2011 (Updated Aug 22, 2011)
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Pros:nic mp3 player, syncs well enough with Microsoft Outlook 2003, syncs with Rhapsody

Cons:minor annoyances with Outlook calendar sync

The Bottom Line: It will run my calendar nicely until the Iphone 5 appears

I had originally got my 3rd generation 32 GB Ipod Touch to use as an MP3 player. It had always synced well to Rhapsody To Go, and has plenty of storage. As an MP3 player it worked fine. Nice sound quality; plenty of storage. Better yet, wifi worked well and the touch screen worked as well as the touch screen on my Droid X and considerably better than the touch screen on my Blackberry Storm.

Until about a month ago, that was all I was using it for; it worked well and was worth the approximately $250 I paid for it.

Battery life is solid; I have over 600 cuts on this and there is plenty of remaining memory

Now, it is a whole lot more valuable to me. Why? Well, I finally realized that the Droid X and Gmail occasionally "lose" calendar appointments when syncing to Microsoft Outlook in general and my version, 2003, in particular.  Outlook is a given. I have over 10 years of contact data in it and I am used to manipulating the data to support the marketing I do for my music lesson and music performance businesses. Gmail, to me, does not have as robust features in data analysis and manipulation as Outlook

When I got completely disgusted with the miserable touch screen on the Blackberry Storm in addition to the unit locking up several times a day, I went to the Droid X because Verizon did not have the Iphone at that point. ATT, the carrier that did have the Iphone, had a reputation for poor customer service.  So, I went with the Droid X, which had a decent touch screen, a nice browser and was supposed to sync calendar data between Microsoft Outlook and Gmail by using plug ins.

Then, appointments started disappearing. I was late for a lesson which had been booked and entered. So I looked online to see if this had happened with the Droid phones. I found that this is a known issue and there is no fix other than to stop using Microsoft Outlook.

So, figuring I wouldn't get an upgrade until April 2012, I started working on syncing outlook using the Ipod touch. It took a while, because initially the Ipod Touch set up SEVERAL calendars, based on past recurring lessons which had since stopped. Through review of online forums, I was able to figure out that the currently accurate (live) data is in a single calendar, and the fix to get a usable Outlook calendar on the Ipod Touch is to select that calendar ONLY as the default and the only calendar synced. The additional calendars apparently cannot be deleted.

Since I have using the Ipod Touch as my external calendar device, no appointments have been dropped. The unit has worked well for this. One annoyance is that I still get alarms for the appointments on the incorrect calendarsbut I can live with that as long as the live calendar is working correctly. Another annoyance is that I am using one device for phone calls and another for calendar. However, I can live with those annoyances and so, the Ipod Touch is a woirkable solution.

I've since found out from Verizon that I am eligible for an early upgrade at a discount. However, I also found that the new Iphone, the Iphone 5, is expected to be available within a month or two. So, with a workable calendar using my Ipod Touch, I can wait to upgrade until the Iphone 5 is shipping and has been shown to work well.

I can recommend the Ipod Touch 3rd generation 32gb MP3 player as a solid player. Plus, it's valuable to me as it will sync with Micorsoft Outlook 2003 well enough for me to run my music businesses.

Thanks for reading. God bless!

I have a new live CD release, with samples on my Epinions member page. Please check them out!

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Recommend this product? Yes

Amount Paid (US$): 250
Recommended for: Music Lovers - High Capacity Storage for an Entire Album Collection

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