Arc Laboratories Oticlean Ear Cleaning Lotion An Ears Best Friend.

Mar 29, 2011
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Routine use of Oticlean Ear Cleaning Solution can go a long way in preventing painful pet ear infections.

Having owned golden Retrievers for years I have become accustomed to routine grooming which is essential to maintain our dogs overall good health.  One of the areas that sometimes get overlooked are the ears, which is essential in dogs with long floppy ears or those that fold over. The lack of air circulation and tendency to retain moisture can pose some challenging health issues including the buildup of bacteria, wax, viruses yeast and dirt which can play havoc with your dogs well being. In addition mites, essentially a parasite, can collect in your dogs ear, which can trigger a painful ear infection.

I have used Arc labs Oticlean Ear Cleaning Solution for over 20 years now and am quite pleased with the results. Formulated corticosteroid and antibiotic free, you can use Oticlean long term and apply often. Generally I peek into our dog's ears weekly and apply as needed. Generally you will notice a hint of a distinctive musky smell that should initiate a cleaning.

Application of Oticlean Ear Cleaning Solution is as easy as applying a few drops onto a cotton ball, squeezing out any excess and gently wiping all the inner surfaces of the ear. Our dogs will shale their head and that's essentially a way of both shaking out any excess and drying their ears, facilitated by the alcohol content in Oticlean Ear Cleaning Solution. I like to take another dry swab or Qtip to get into all the nooks in their ears and follow up with a treat to positively reinforce the procedure. I make it routine to treat clean their ears after swimming.

A four ounce bottle of Oticlean Ear Cleaning Solution will generally cost under $10.00 and will last a good 8 month to a year for our dogs, though they aren't really prone to ear infections. A fresh smell and healthy ears results in routine use of Oticlean Ear Cleaning Solution and given that it can go a long way to avoid the occasional ear infection, that's ten dollars well spent.

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