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Archos Internet Tablet 70 8GB, Wi-Fi, 7in - Black

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A good buy, but quirky

Dec 8, 2010
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Pros:Loud speakers, price, screen quality, lots of applications, Froyo, multi-touch screen, kick stand, mico-SD card

Cons:No Flash yet, quirky wifi, limlited memory

The Bottom Line: This is a great device for people who want access to lots of applications, without playing a monthly fee.  You get a lot of features for your money.

I've had my Archos 70 for about a week now.  I bought it because I desperately wanted an Android gadget, but I didn't want to pay for a monthly smartphone data plan. I chose the Archos brand because I was familiar with Archos' previous android tablet. I purchased the 8GB version.

So far, I'm very pleased with the device - especially for $275. It's a thin device, lightweight that's easy to fit into my purse or briefcase. It feels sturdy. It comes packed with a ton of features, a lovely screen, two powerful speakers, and access to tons of applications. I love the kickstand on the back of the device, too.

The Archos 70 has a capacitive, 7-inch screen, a micro-USB port, 2 speakers (nice, loud speakers, but weak bass), and a micro SD card slot. My device is currently running the Froyo 2.2 operation system without Flash. (Archos has promised to release an update that will give us access to Flash. I'm waiting patiently.) When I first purchased the device, it was running an early version of the Android operating system.  With that system, the device was a bit slow and it was difficult to multitask.  Froyo has fixed that. The device handles multitasking beautifully now.

 The device comes with the Apps Lib access to the Android Marketplace and many pre-installed applications.  It doesn't have the Google Marketplace, but the marketplace can be installed through a hack.  (I haven't tried the hack yet. I'm waiting for a few updates before I give it a try.) I have tried downloading several applications from Apps Lib.  Many of the applications work beautifully.  Others haven't worked.  In fact, I had to uninstall a couple of applications because the whole device began operating oddly after I installed them.  The Archos ran slow or stalled when they were installed.  The problem vanished as soon as I removed the programs.

I've been very pleased with the screen resolution.  I think the quality of the screen is lovely for the price. The pre-loaded video looks lovely on the screen.  The touch screen works relatively well.  I find that the onscreen keyboard can be a little iffy from time to time.  Sometimes I'll press a letter and the Archos will read it as though I touched the letter above or below it. I'm not sure why. I don't have that problem with other applications. Part of the issue may be that there is a bit of a learning curve in using this device. I find that I have to stop and think to remember how to access my additional applications and that sort of thing.  It's not really bothersome to me.  I don't mind learning to use a new device that has some many wonderful functions.  Other people might be annoyed by that.

There have been some quirks with the Froyo operating system.  First, Flash isn't work.  Secondly, some wacky wifi issues have come up.  One thing that drives me batty is that the wifi cuts itself off when the screen goes to sleep.  An application, such as the music player, can still be working, but when I click to turn the screen back on, the wifi is off.  I have to manually reset the wifi every time that happens. That drives me crazy, because I like the stream music through wifi while I'm working.  The instant I turn the screen back on, I lose my stream. I'm hoping that some updates will resolve that issue.

Some people have complained that the Marketplace isn't available on this device.  I honestly don't mind that fact.  I know it can be added manually and aside from that, the Apps Lip market offers a ton of applications.  I don't really feel like I'm missing anything. I'll probably add it eventually just to see why everyone is so jazzed about it, but that's about it. 

The device comes pre-installed with an e-mail application that works very well.  I've added a couple of accounts to it and I like the way the interface operates.  There is a browser that works beautifully, an  application called eBuddy allows you to post updates automatically to Facebook, Twitter and other sites, and an  application called World Newspapers allows you to access tons of newspapers. I LOVE the interface for the Music application.  It sort of allows you to flip through your albums with your finger.  The device does have an equalizer option, but it doesn't work with the speakers.  It only works with the headphones. The CinshowTime application allows you to see what movies are playing at you favorite theaters.  (Awesome app.)  There are lots of other pre-installed applications.  I find some of them fun or useful.  Others interest me less. I downloaded the Angry Birds game and it's fantastic.  I also downloaded a Maps application which works beautifully.  If you have a Napster account, the Napster application works well for streaming music through the tablet.  I found that the wifi issue causes it to stop abruptly, however. The pre-installed Deezer application allows music streaming.  The wifi isn't as much of a problem with it.

The device is a fingerprint magnet.  I find myself wiping off the screen on a regular basis. I assume that would be a problem with most devices like this, but I figured that it was worth mentioning. It can be difficult to find a cover/case for the Archos 70 at this point. I bought a Kindle 2 case that fits somewhat, but it isn't perfect.

I wish that the Archos 70 had more onboard memory.  Archos is planning to release a 250 GB device, but that's more than I need.  I would feel better if this device had 16 or 32 GB of memory.

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