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Aroma Coffee Aroma 8 cup Digital Yogurt Maker white

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You Go Yogurt

Aug 4, 2011
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Pros:Easy to clean, Durable, and affordable

Cons:Having to order extra cups, only comes with 8

The Bottom Line: Making yogurt with the Aroma Yogurt maker saves you time and will pay for itself, if you are a yogurt fan

Aroma makes a wonderful yogurt maker, I have been using this machine for about 4 months to make myself cheap yogurt compared to the expensive store bought kind.. 5 bucks for yogurt, no way brown cow!

This is a yogurt maker that requires you to cook the ingredients before you put them into the machine as to avoid the risk of bad bacteria in your yogurt. To recipe couldnt be simpler you just heat the milk up to 180 degree and cool it back down to 110-115.. add sugar, greek yogurt and some cold milk and your ready to start your yogurt..machine!

You can use skim or 2% milk but I wouldnt, it comes out way to thin and the kids dont believe me when I tell them its yogurt. Use whole milk.

My kids love eating yogurt for a snack in the afternoons or with their lunch. They have gotten very spoiled with their yogurt. At first it was a simple matter of adding chopped nuts or fruit on top and they would stir it in.. I know yum right? Then they started asking me to mix in fruit and nuts when I pour the yogurt mixture into the machine.. They think it adds to the taste and it does a little I have to agree with them.

Just a month ago my kids begged me to put Kool-Aid in their yogurt cups, just like I mix the sugar in.. The "color" or as they call it the Kool-Aid flavors would make it the best yogurt ever. I should have added food coloring and told them i put kool aid in, but they were "helping" me make the yogurt so what am I suppose to do?

The yogurt turned out fine, edible at least. I am not sure about the taste, the kids have not asked for the yogurt again, in fact when I ask them if they want yogurt they tell me "no, its too hot for yogurt" and "we want ice cream instead!!" That just means more for me.

The Aroma 8 cup, digital yogurt maker, makes as it says..8 cups of yogurt at a time, which also double as storage in the fridge.. I would advise buying more cups from the company so you can make a full batch while some of the other containers are still chilling in the fridge.

The digital part of this device couldnt be simpler and I really encourage anyone interested in saving money and making their own yogurt try aroma's yogurt maker today.

-cups are additional $10 a set, plus shipping
-making 8 yogurts takes about 6-8 hours for the total process
-available at wal-mart, target, amazon, and

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