Take Me As I Am.

Jul 30, 2012
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Pros:Diverse, Original and excellent vocals


The Bottom Line: Love it great album to relax in the night before bed.

As I Am is the album released by R&B/Soul artist Alicia Keys in 2007. 
Alicia keys is one of my favourite artists and she has always inspirational and a good role model. What got me into her music is the way that she sings with passion and always has a constructive message in all her music. What has kept me liking her till this day is that she has stuck the same a has kept releasing music that she does best.
This Album As I Am captures her soulful voice like always and the tracks send lots of different messages to the listeners. I think in most of the songs she manages to capture an uplifting atmosphere that makes you feel as if you can do anything.
------Notable Tracks-------
The most popular tracks from this album where Like Ill Never See You Again,No One and Teenage Love Affair that all had music videos released on TV. In my opinion Teenage Love affair was a big of a boring and cheesy song and my least favourite track on the album but I did Like No One quite alot. Like Ill Never See You Again is my favourite of the 3 because it is soothing to listen to.
----------My favourite Tracks----------
----Go Ahead - This track is a song about being with someone that keeps doing wrong and having the strength to say no you've had enough and your moving on. I think in this song she gets the message across really well and it definitely manages to gets you thinking if your in a situation where you want someone not worth you time out of your life. I've been in a few situations like this so it's very easy for me to relate. The song has a really catchy chorus that I really enjoy listening to.
----Where Do We Go From Here- This is another one of my favourite songs from the album because it is a nice song to sing along to. This song can refer to any situation where you have come to a crossroads in life and don't know where to go next. The song does take a little long to start as you just hear the instrumental for almost a minute but when it does start she kills it with her amazing vocals.
----Tell You Something - I like this song because it really helps me put things into perspective. Every time I listen to this song it makes me think about things that are going on in my life. Although the song refers to not getting the chance to say something to a loved one before it's to late it makes me think about all the other things I would like to do in life before it's to late also.
-------Most Inspirational Track-------
I think from this album the most inspirational track is definitely Superwoman. I think this sends and excellent message to women that they can do anything they want. There aren't enough female vocalist around these days that are making women seem like they can be powerful to. These days most female vocalist are selling themselves as sex symbols but that's not really setting a good example for the younger generations. This song sends a message that women can do anything and no matter what they are going through they should get up and carry on. This is definitely as song to give a listen.
---------Track Listing----------
1. "As I Am" (Intro)
2. "Go Ahead"
3. "Superwoman" 
4. "No One" 
5. "Like You'll Never See Me Again" 
6. "Lesson Learned" (featuring John Mayer)
7. "Wreckless Love" 
8. "The Thing About Love" 
9. "Teenage Love Affair" 
10. "I Need You"
11. "Where Do We Go from Here" 
12. "Prelude to a Kiss" 
13. "Tell You Something (Nana's Reprise)" 
14. "Sure Looks Good to Me"
This album from Alicia Keys is a really good album and I love listening to it every now and then. The only song I ever skip is Teenage Love Affair but all the other songs are good. The tracks on this album are consistent sow when I'm in the mood to listen to it I don't have to keep skipping tracks because all the songs have a similar feel to them.
The cover shows a bold pictures of Alicia Keys face where she looks directly at you which reflects on the album very well because the album is all about strong, comfortable with yourself and life lessons.
I would definitely recommend this album if you like this sort of music because she really is a great singer. 

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