Great dishwasher, quiet and easy to load

May 26, 2008
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Pros:Quiet, intuitive to load, easy to operate, cleans thoroughly

Cons:Must rinse dishes thoroughly to avoid clogging filters

The Bottom Line: A good value for the price and although not as silent as a Bosch, still acceptably quiet. Excellent warranty!

Having moved from a house where I had a Bosch dishwasher, I was not sure what I'd think of the Asko that this new house has. I am pleasantly surprised! Though not as dead silent as the Bosch, it is still extremely quiet. The silverware basket can be placed in several different places in the bottom tray or removed completely for unloading (or if you have a really large pot to wash and don't want the basked in at all). I have found that I can fit quite a lot of dishes in the bottom tray but the layout of the upper tray is not quite as flexible. Still, space is adequate and intuitive - where the glasses should go and where bowls should go in order to clean best. What has impressed me is the warranty service. Although I am not the original purchaser, this dishwasher was only 1 year old when I moved in. The previous owner left me all of the paperwork and receipts so when the unit wasn't draining (turns out there were clogged filters) properly, I called for service and the entire thing was covered under warranty even though it was technically user error. Which brings me to my only real negative about this. You MUST rinse dishes before putting them in. Though the filter system is easy to access and clean, you'll get much better results if you rinse first.

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