ASKO D3112 - drain pump continuously running

Oct 11, 2011
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ASKO   Model#D3112  s/n 073601565620  purchase 11/15/07 sale date
Drain pump continuously running:
This information will save you a lot of unnecessary service calls.  This model, I suspect all models, will occassionally fail to complete the final rinse cycle.  You will open the door and see that the water has not fully drained.  You must now check the two easy to remove filters at the bottom to make sure they are not plugged.  One small one pops out. The filter holding that unscrews.  Rinse them out if they are not clean.Now locate a bulb type turkey baster and a cooking pot and dip it in the water and fill the pot again and again until all the water has drained.  There is a float valve under the dishwasher that closes to prevent the dishwasher from flooding your kitchen.  Once you have drained the water, this valve will release and your dishwasher will operate correctly once again.  We have had this model for a few years.  We had to purchase this ASKO because it fit the dimensions in our kitchen.  We replaced a Bosh dishwasher that died but did a far better job of washing dishes.  I would not buy an Asko again.
Also Asko advises that you place 2 cups full of white vinegar in the empty dishwasher periodically to remove hard water deposits and keep the machine clean. "2 cups of white vinegar in a bowl and place in center, then run normal wash cycle;do once a month."

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