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AstroGlide: Making Anal Encounters A Little Less of A Pain In The Rear

Jan 4, 2010 (Updated Jul 24, 2012)
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Pros:Easy to apply, does not stain, no scent.

Cons:Not as long lasting or fun as other comparable products.

The Bottom Line: Glide with ease …

This is a review of an adult product.
If you are offended by such topics, do not read any further.

No matter what name you give it, flavor you add to it, color you make it – the fact remains that anal lube is anal lube. It's something that is used to make entry into the anal cavity easier for all parties involved. Some products are designed to be used for adult toys, others are specifically formulated to be used for human-only encounters. Thankfully there are products like this that allow you to use it in a few different ways or at the very least for anal and vaginal encounters. When picking out an anal lube you have to decide whether you want something that is going to lube and desensitize the area or just make entry easier. Then there are scents to contend with. No matter how hard you try, you are dealing with an area of the body that facilitates waste expulsion so there's no way to church it up. Spit might work for the first few strokes but its not going to last for the long haul.

AstroGlide is one of those 'safe' personal products. You can walk in to an adult bookstore and buy a bottle of it without having to do covert-ops to cover your tracks. Let's be frank here, if you are going to an adult bookstore to buy anything why are you acting sheepish? It's not like the clerk hasn't seen anything and everything flung up on the counter. They even check the vibrators before they are sold to make sure that they work perfectly so if they hand candle a latex version of Rocco Siffredi wiggling about on the counter, they aren't going to be freaked out when you hand them your selections. AstroGlide is one of the most popular lubricants for sexual encounters but I honestly don't think that it's the best. Because of the "safe" packaging of it and the discrete look of it people feel a little less apprehensive about buying it. So it’s a vicious cycle, it is popular because it is easy to buy but as I said, it isn't the second coming of Christ so don't expect it to work as well as it claims – especially for marathon sessions.

What is it? AstroGlide is a grease free lubricant that can be used for vaginal or anal sex. It is a clear and non staining product that is scent free and is comparable to medical grade SurgiLube. In this respect it is at the top of its class for lubrication prior to and during sex but not everyone has the same type of sex. For a 15 minute quickie before Sport Center starts, this works great but if you are on the receiving end of a month long pent up sexual frustration bender then you are going to need something that is made for 'marathon sex'. I am not knocking AstroGlide, it is an awesome product but for some people its just not enough especially when dealing with anal sex. The vagina has the ability to create its own lubrication when the female is aroused but there are times when its just not happening; that's when AstroGlide can help mimic vaginal secretions. It might not do anything to get you closer to an orgasm if you are just going through the motions for a birthday bang but it will allow your partner the notion that you are just as into it as he is.

Anal sex and vaginal sex are two different animals. Lubes for vaginal sex are usually designed to last for ten to fifteen minutes before they start to get tacky or fade away. Anal sex lube for male and female use can vary depending on the level of experience, if you need it for initial entry or the whole nine yards. AstroGlide is sort of like the generic, "cover all bases" kind of lube. It can be used on men or women and for anal or vaginal sex. I don't suggest doing a double deposit [vaginal then anal or anal then vaginal] under any circumstances because of the possibility of a cross contamination. Even if condoms are used, its best to pitter patter off to the bathroom for a minute and clean things up. This is not designed to fight off any type of bacteria or disease but it can be used with almost all types of birth control.

The slip factor on this is high so if you are experimenting with anal sex you are going to want to make sure that your partner doesn’t get too gung ho and 'slip' in all the way at one time. AstroGlide does have a high slip factor and that can be great if you are extremely tight as it can help things move along without feeling like your skin is being ripped off. It will eventually get tacky but again, the type of sex you are having when using this greatly determines how it is going to work and how long it is going to last. Compared to the novelty products on the market that have scents and sparkles to them, AstroGlide is leaps and bounds above those in performance.

AstroGlide and its success depends on the type of sex you are having; for romantic "I forgot to pick up the dry cleaning" sex this is fine and it will last longer than if you are having jackrabbit sex and changing positions all the time. Some chicks get extremely weird about being dry; you can sneak in to the bathroom, apply some of this with your fingertip and let it adjust to your body temperature if you are feeling a little sheepish about telling your significant other about the southern region. Once it is at the same temperature as your body your partner shouldn't be able to tell the difference. This is a non-toxic formulation but I wouldn't go around snacking on it. I've tasted it mid coitus and it's not revolting and won't make you gag but it isn't pleasant either.

You can request free samples of AstroGlide here:

You can buy this almost everywhere; even grocery stores are now carry several different versions of AstroGlide. The average selling price for the smaller bottles is about four to five dollars but if you try it and like it you can buy the larger bottles and refill a smaller one to keep bedside. While AstroGlide isn't something that I use all that often because it just doesn’t work all that well for me, it is something that can benefit others. For occasional dryness during sex AstroGlide can be something that you use to make it more enjoyable but if you are engaging in sex more than four or five times a week and are experiencing dryness on a regular basis you might want to see your doctor to make sure that there are no other issues to deal with.

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