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Audioengine A2 Computer Speakers

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Top notch PC Mac or Notebook speakers

May 31, 2008
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Pros:Impressive sound quality and bass for such a small package Great value


The Bottom Line: For the price, I cannot think of any other computer speakers on the market I would recommend to a friend that would provide this level of sound and construction quality.

First off, I want to say that I have been a high end audio enthusiast for over 40 years. That is one of my hobbies. I recently purchased two sets of the Audioengine 2 speakers. One white pair for my Macbook,
and a 2nd pair to function as sound for my spare television. My primary computer setup includes a Trends Tripath amplifier and a pair of Role Audio speakers, and my primary television setup utilizes Magnepan speakers. So the Audio Engines did not make the first team in my home. However, for the average consumer, which makes up over 99% of the population, these speakers are probably the best sounding, and most cost effective choice for PC speakers available. They are also a nice choice for a younger high end enthusiast who lacks the $$
to purchase the more expensive stuff. Anyway, with that out of the way, let me provide you with some more helpful info on this product.

First off, these speakers are physically much smaller up close then you might imagine. They are only six inch's tall and 4 inches wide. The weight is 3 lBs each. The picture on the Audioengine website is what you get. No grills. This stands out on the white model. Next to my white Macbook, the speakers almost look as if they were designed to match, which seems a possibility. The kevlar woofer is 2.75 inches, and the tweeter is a silk dome.
On the back of one speaker is combination on/off volume control knob and accomodation for miniplug and RCA inputs. There is also a pair of speaker terminals to connect the other speaker.

Construction quality

The construction quality and finish is excellent. However, I should mention these speakers were made in China which was a surprise to me. I had assumed they were made in the USA, but they were only designed here.


Setup is a breeze. Just connect the speaker wire from the main speaker to the 2nd speaker, plug in the input cable (RCA or miniplug) to
the main speaker and your source, turn it on, and your ready to go. No need to turn the speakers on and off. Just leave it on and the speaker will go to sleep when there is no signal and turn back on when the signal is present.

Uses and portability

These speakers are primarily intended for use as nearfield computer speakers, but you can also use them for your IPOD, Sirius or XM portable radio, television, etc... I would not use them for travel since they are 6 lbs total and the wires and bulk of the speakers would take up too much room in my carry on.


I would characterize the sound as surprisingly full bodied with nice bass for such a small enclosure. In a nearfield (closeup) setting, they provide a nice intimate realistic soundstage and a smooth treble which is comfortable to listen to for long periods.


At $199 a pair I can't think of any. Bose just came out with a set of "Musicmonitors" for $399, but that is twice the price, and less filling if you know what I mean. Bose spends a fortune tooting it's own horn and quite a few people are taken in by the propaganda. Do yourself a favor and buy these instead.

In summary,

I think Audio Engine might have designed these speakers too well as they may cut into sales of their model 5 line.

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