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Aveda Lip Tint SPF 15

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Colors like lipstick, conditions like balm, glows like gloss, and DOESNT LAST

Apr 13, 2003
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Pros:Soothing, nourishing, all natural, perfect colors

Cons:Expensive, won't last

The Bottom Line: If you can deal with a lipstick that absolutely refuses to stay on your lips, you will, like me, fall in love with Lip Tint.

Aveda states,

"What's the fresh idea? Sheer color you can feel good about. Conditioning lips with plant emollients like Brazilian carnauba wax, tinting with minerals and protecting with SPF 15. Refreshing your mood with invigorating orange and spearmint essential oils."

Sounds like the real deal, huh?

I bought Lip Tint SPF 15 after an Aveda makeup artist used this on my lips as part of an awesome makeover. It was $11 --eesh-- for a .15 ounce tube. But the color was perfect for me--just like my mouth, but more--and Aveda quality is absolutely unsurpassable. I bought it. Duh.

My shade (literally, the best lipstick shade I've ever worn) was called Peony. It's a light subtle mauve with a touch of shimmer. The smell was like a peppermint leaf picked from the garden, and the taste was about the same except waxier. The consistency was about the same as that of a moisturizing lipbalm. It also came in a lip balm-style tube. The color was like a wonderful lipstick in a pale/sheer shade, with a glisten derived from sparkling mineral particles. The best of every world, right?

Not quite. The problem is, this really does have the staying power of a balm. If you touch the lip balm on your lips, it will come off on your finger, right? And don't expect your lip balm to last more than a couple hours, even if you don't touch it at all. Same with Lip Tint on all counts. There's no way it will carry you through a meal. Even brushing a finger against it will creat a glittery coating on the finger. Oh, and hair sticks to this one big-time.

Now let's address the price. For what you get, it's really quite pricey. I would say this lip balm is worth $11, but only just barely. You get just a small amount, and it needs to be constantly reapplied. However, there are some things that have kept me buying this product for 4 years now.

1) Aveda quality. Aveda makeup products are perfect. I would say that they outrival all department store brands in this respect. Aveda products are made from ALL natural ingredients--not 90% natural, but completely natural. This is a reason that I will cut my lip balm's staying power a little slack.

2) The color is lovely. It matches all of my other Aveda makeup, all of which matches my facial coloring. If you have a hard time finding products that match your face, I highly suggest the Aveda line. All the products seamlessly match each other and the coloring of the wearers. Maybe it's because all of the colors are nature-derived, and there's no chance of wearing something off-color, odd, or downright tacky. This truly makes my lips look like extra luscious versions of themselves.

3) This product is really subtle. People honestly will not notice that you are wearing lipstick, unless you specifically point it out. It subtly and quietly adds to the natural beauty of your face. A beauty guru said, "The right lipstick is like the punctuation at the end of a sentence." Well, the ultimate punctuation can be found right here!

...But the punctuation doesn't last.

The product also really conditions my lips. There is no dry feeling whatsoever. If you are dealing with chapped lips but still want to wear a nice color instead of Blistex, I highly recommend this product.

My final recommendation
This is a really, really good lipstick/balm. I have actually been using it for 4 years. Yes, it does require constant reapplying, and the cost is a bit of a pain in the butt, but overall, it's a lovely product.

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