Convenient scented body wash with some need for improvement

Oct 9, 2011
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Pros:Convenient over the shower bottle and fresh scent with lots of lather.

Cons:Bottle leaks after just a few uses and ingredients not ALL natural.

The Bottom Line: Buy on sale at under $2. Convenient and pleasantly scented, cleans well without drying, bottle cap leaks, bottle not recyclable. Watermelon extract is only Natural ingredient in it.

Avon makes a lot of different shower gels all in the same flawed cap design that hangs over the shower post to make it convenient to open and squeeze. 

Unfortunately the caps on these things only hold tight for about three uses and then start to leak and drip shower gel all over your bath tub ledge, wasting over 1/3 of the product down the drain. The plastic bottles are also not recyclable so if you are eco-conscious, you will feel guilty throwing the bottle in the trash.

One five fluid ounce bottle lasts about as long as a bar of soap, but even if you just poke a small whole off to the side of the protective foil seal, rather than take it off completely, the product will leak out eventually, just a bit slower than it will if you remove the whole seal.

These gels go on sale for 99 cent a piece several times a year, so do not be conned into paying 5.99 a piece for them. Anything under $2 is a bargain and the watermelon gel smells great and leaves a subtle after scent that is not overwhelming. 

The gel is fairly gentle, though if you are allergic to soaps, you may want to be careful using it around your face. Despite the word Naturals, this shower gel contains chemicals like sodium laureth sulfate and perfumes.

The watermelon scent has been disconitnued at the writing of this review so if you order, make sure you are getting fresh product. Avon frequently adds new scents and discontinues favorite scents to encourage people to stock up and buy a lot. 
Often they will bring scents back in sets of shower gel, body sprays and creams.

The watermelon smells fairly natural and it cleans well with lots of suds and does not dry out the skin.
If you buy the gel, you need to put a catch plate under the container, as it will leak at some point, but it is very convenient and can be opened and closed with one hand. 
Some of the product will get stuck in the crook of the neck and will not come out unless you flush it out with water. If you are into getting every bit out that you paid for.
The fact that the bottles are not recyclable and leak and that the only natural ingredient is water melon extract is a big draw back, but the convenience, ease of use, nice scent, lots of lather and smooth feeling on the skin after it is washed off, make it worth the buy when it goes on sale. 

A little goes a long way. Just a nickle size dab of soap is enough to wash your whole body. Be careful not to get it in the eyes. It does burn.

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